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39 thoughts on “The Best Analysis of Russiagate, and everything else. Enjoy

  1. Yes, of course as ever from Rush, a neutral unbiased purely factual and honest analysis of American politics 🙂

  2. Undoubtedly topped off with a special Jewish stirring sauce… as I’m sure Allan would confirm 🙂

  3. With Rush purely factual and honest analysis of American politics is what you get……

    Now I put Limbaugh up to give those of you across the pond the rare opportunity to hear the otherside of the argument from one of the best people to deliver it.

    You want to laugh and say he is biased and suggest he isn’t truthful…. that’s really rich when the BBC/CNN/MSNBC etc etc have been lying for two years about russiagate right to your face. Is that your definition of neutral unbiased purely factual and honest analysis ?

  4. Pat

    You promote Rush so much on ATW I think Robert Mueller should be contracted to carry out an investigation into the links between you and Mr Limbaugh 🙂

  5. I just simply request that those of you who haven’t listened to the clip please avail yourself and do so. Get the view from the otherside for a change.

  6. Patrick Van Roy

    Get the view from the otherside for a change.

    Cheeky. I always try to get the view from both sides.

  7. How about an investigation into Trump’s links with Israel? After all, when Trump does what Israel wants him to do but keeps none of his promises to his electorate, that indicates who really controls Trump.

    But it’s not just Trump and the GOP……


    WASHINGTON – Four Democratic Senators who are seeking their party’s presidential nomination in 2020, met this week with delegations of AIPAC activists from their home states. The meetings took place after eight presidential candidates announced they would not attend AIPAC’s conference, which took place this week in Washington.

    Senators Corey Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, Kamala Harris, a Democrat from California, Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, and Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnessota, met with delegations of AIPAC activists from their respective states, according to an AIPAC official. Booker met with the group at the convention center where the AIPAC conference took place. The other Senators hosted the delegations at their Senate offices.

    Giving a public speech to a foreign body of elite overlords, or meeting with those foreign overlords secretly while pretending to the goyim that you are not beholden to that cryptocracy?

    In actual fact, the entire concept of AIPAC having this conference is outdated.

    The reality of Jewish rule is that it only works when people are told they are not being ruled by Jews. So having all of these politicians go to a conference and publicly pledge allegiance to a foreign power really was not fit for this model of government-by-conspiracy.

    It was possible in a pre-internet era to have these conferences and not have anyone see the video.

    But now that we can see the video – wow.

    Chuck Schumer declared that he was “The Guardian of Israel” at an AIPAC conference. Seriously, this is a shocker……

    gur ruh
    You can’t serve two masters, Chuck……….you are exactly what George Washington warned us about in his farewell address
    11 months ago

    At an AIPAC-adjacent Jewish Occupation Government conference, Nancy Pelosi declared that if the American Capitol crumbled, Americans would still send billions of dollars to Israel.

    I have said to people when they ask me, if this capitol crumbles to the ground, the one thing that will remain is our commitment to our aid – and I don’t even call it aid, our cooperation – with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are.

    Michael Tracey
    ‏Verified account @mtracey

    Does this quote from Pelosi sound like a declaration of “allegiance” to you?

    Jews know that because the head of state in a democracy is merely a figurehead for a massive bureaucracy, and can be voted in and out whenever the people tire of them while the bureaucracy remains entrenched, that all they have to do to control a democracy is maintain control over the money and the media.

    When we talk about “democracy,” we are simply talking about “rule by a hidden group of Jews.” The key to removing Jews from power is simply showing people that they are in power. That’s it.

  8. Patrick – yes, and there it is right in front of you. Scumer has stated it openly and brazenly, yet you don’t believe it. No wonder that they get away with it.

  9. Limbaugh is not the best to argue for sound policies: that would be Tucker Carlson…..

    Tucker Carlson Laments America’s Cultural Decline: ‘Why Is This Happening?’

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson took the stage at the National Review Institute’s 2019 Ideas Summit Friday to question, and just as often mock, the establishment-Republican orthodoxy that has dominated Washington’s conservative circles since the Reagan administration.

    “The causes are different from what I thought,” he said, reflecting on his earlier diagnosis of the roots of urban poverty. “If men don’t have full time work, families fall apart. If men make less than women, women don’t want to marry them. This isn’t some talking point that ‘we on the alt-right’ believe. This is the product of a century of consistent social science. I wish it weren’t true, I wish women were very excited to marry overweight indolent men. I wish it were enough to be charming at dinner, but it’s not. That’s not a choice that men make, it’s an instinct that women have.”

    “All I’m arguing for is a clear-sight picture of what the goal is, that’s all I’m arguing for. I’m not arguing for a different economic system. I’m not arguing for higher taxes on anybody. I’m not exactly sure what I’m arguing for,” he conceded. “I’m not a policy guy I’m a talk show host but I sincerely believe that no problem is solved unless you have a clear image in your mind of what you want the result to be.”

    The goal they should have in mind, according to Carlson, is a return to an America where parents can afford to “raise their own children.”

    “What I’m arguing for is for people who have no special advantage, including cognitive — people with an IQ of 100, who make 70 grand a year, who have three kids, living no place special, who don’t know anybody — [to] have sort of a decent life,” he said.

  10. Trump has not been “totally exonerated” by Mueller:

    “Questions about Trump’s involvement in Russia’s 2016 meddling are important, of course, and we can all welcome their apparent resolution. But they’re not comprehensive: they don’t include questions about suspected Russian influence over Trump, based partly on his long-held hope of building a Trump Tower in Moscow and his lies about business dealings with Russia during the campaign. Mueller’s finding that Trump was not a knowing conspirator is not a finding that he wasn’t, and isn’t, a useful idiot.

    Also entirely unresolved are questions about Trump’s efforts to obstruct the investigation into Russian meddling. Mueller apparently declined to decide those questions as he decided the question of conspiracy. Instead he is reported to have laid out evidence for and against a finding of obstruction – evidence that Congress and voters surely have a right and good reason to see. Attorney general William Barr’s conclusion that Trump did not commit obstruction was gratuitous and entirely predictable…”

    Mueller has not absolved Trump

  11. And let’s not forget the rest of the charge sheet against this lying oaf:

    “Hillary Clinton would have been impeached by a Republican Congress in 2017, based on a fraction of the scandals associated with Donald Trump. Imagine if she had continued profiting from a global business while holding office, or if she had refused to release her tax returns in the face of strong evidence of tax evasion over the years. Or if she had lied about business dealings with Russia during the campaign and issued a letter lying about a campaign meeting her daughter Chelsea held with Russian operatives. Or if, once in office, she granted Chelsea a top-secret security clearance over the objections of intelligence officials. Imagine if her top advisers turned out to be convicted felons…

    Trump has also been saved less by the Mueller report than by the sheer number of scandals in which his administration has been mired. They are exhausting and quite complicated. Normal Americans with jobs and families and other normal, apolitical concerns lack the time and energy to follow them and sort out all the actual and alternative facts they generate. Lying is an extremely effective strategy for people engaged in unethical or illegal behavior. Weave a sufficiently tangled web and few observers will successfully untangle it. Here is a central lesson of the Trump administration: one act of corruption is a scandal, but scores of them are the background noises of an imperial presidency, drowning out democracy. ”

    Mueller has not absolved Trump

  12. I love it Peter is buying propaganda by an exACLU lawyer who list no crimes and repeats all the things Trump has been cleared of as still crimes….. get over it. Trump is the cleanest President we’ve had in over 100yrs.

    And now it’s time to prosecute all those that committed crimes trying to frame him.

  13. Paul

    To Fox and Trump they are all Spics, so that mistake is no surpise. If it was a mistake.

  14. Trump cheats at golf, now whodathunkit?

    “To say ‘Donald Trump cheats’ is like saying ‘Michael Phelps swims’.”

    That’s the claim of former Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly, who has written a book entitled ‘Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump’. The US President is frequently seen on golf courses, flanked by buggies full of secret service personnel, and he owns 14 clubs of his own – including Trump Turnberry in Scotland.

    But should you ever find yourself sharing a round with the president – yes, chances are slim – watch your back, Reilly says. He cheats at the highest level. He cheats when people are watching and he cheats when they aren’t,” he says in the book, which is released this week. He cheats whether you like it or not. He cheats because that’s how he plays golf…if you’re playing golf with him, he’s going to cheat.”


  15. Peter – Trump loves spics which is why there are 1.5 million more of them in the US specially for 2020 than there were for 2016 – and no wall!! I wonder who they’ll vote for?

  16. Allan. There has always been something weirdly endearing about your Jewish obsession but now it’s just getting a tad creepy !

  17. Rush says that the New York Times lied about Russiagate

    But he doesn’t say what any of the lies are

    So its not a very good analysis is it?

  18. Patrick

    I guess what would really creep us all out is if Allan stopped talking about Jews 😱

  19. Phantom you’re going to sit there and deny that the NYTs isn’t slanted and dishonest about this president?

    That takes balls…… because I know you’re not stupid. The list would take forever, but you could start with the story they have still yet to retract that high ranking members of the trump campaign met with high ranking russian intelligence agents. That’s just one of 1000s of falsehoods they’ve published over the last two years.

  20. Manafort, for one, did meet with Russian intelligence agents during the campaign that he was the leader of..Thats not in dispute.

    Of course the NYT is biased.

    You haven’t shown where they have lied here.

    One link to one lie will suffice.

  21. The story I referred to was written in 2016 it was false along with every other tale of collusion they have spewed forth. Look Phantom if you want to stick your head in a hole go right ahead.

    Mueller had 19 Hillary Donor Lawyers including the lawyer for the clinton foundation digging through every aspect of his life for two years and found nothing…. he’s the most vetted President in history now. The NYT and the WaPo did a story a day saying he was guilty of all sorts of crap. Now if you still believe them to be honest fine, but it just reflects on your judgement.

    OT… Hey are you in London? Today is the Annual Washing of the Lions at the Tower of London. It’s supposed to be a neat ceremony you should check it out.

  22. NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—After praising Donald J. Trump, on Sunday, for cutting aid to “three Mexican countries,” the cast of “Fox & Friends” blamed former President Barack Obama for creating additional Mexicos during his tenure in the White House.

    “When Barack Obama took office, there was only one Mexico,” the host Ed Henry said. “He allowed these additional Mexicos to develop.”

    Henry’s co-host Jedediah Bila agreed that the problem of multiple Mexicos was Obama’s fault. “It was bad enough having one Mexico without Obama going out and creating a bunch of new ones,” she said, noting that there had been a three-hundred-per-cent increase in the number of Mexicos on Obama’s watch.

    The third host, Pete Hegseth, praised Trump for doing everything in his power to “reduce the number of Obama’s Mexicos.”

    “Everyone agrees that there are way too many Mexicos right now,” he said.

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