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This government has been lying to us on the scale of immigration it has presided over ever since it came to power. In the latest revelations, we discover that Government has dramatically under-counted foreign workers in Britain.

“Whitehall officials have not bothered to include in official totals temporary workers who flock to this country for jobs such as fruit picking or labouring. The independent House of Commons Library, which carries out research for MPs, said including these workers would add 170,000 to Government estimates. The true figure could be even higher, as migrants living in ‘ communal establishments’, such as boarding houses and hostels, are also excluded, despite this being the favoured accommodation among some short-term workers. Statisticians said they were unable to estimate how many foreign workers could fall into this category. As a minimum, the number of overseas-born workers in the UK is 3,852,000 – or 13 per cent of the total workforce.”

Importing these MILLIONS of foreign workers whilst the UK has over a MILLION (and growing) unemployed is surreal. Yet it has been at the heart of Labour policy as we threw our borders open to one and all, then lied to the people of the UK as to the unparalleled scale of what is going on.

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4 thoughts on “LET ‘EM IN…

  1. >>LET ‘EM IN"

    With a Little Luck, David, you will one day have a post headed "Give Ireland Back to the Irish"!

  2. How about Britain for the British? The left trumpet "Iraq for the Iraqis" and I agree so Britain for the British is for me.

  3. Allan – Some day you’ll come up with something better than that incredibly banal point that you’ve repeated so many times here.

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