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They really need to be resilient!

By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2009

Just been watching an advert on the box looking for all types of recruits for the Royal Navy. I really liked the top motto ‘Capable & Resilient! Now normally I would applaud such activity, mainly because our Armed Forces are part of the thin line separating us from all the scum surrounding (and of course in amongst) us. However, it does occur to me that whoever joins up, especially into the Royal Navy, they are not gonna’ have a great deal to do, what with the delays, and the mothballing of approximately half the fleet to save money, because of the savage cuts imposed on the Navy by this rotten Government.

Just as a for-instance, this isn’t the first time the true Labour colours have been flown wide and high, as was demonstrated when secret documents from thirty years ago, when Jim Callaghan was Labour Prime Minister, and lo-and-behold, they were doing exactly the same thing then as now, with slicing off lumps off the Defence Budget to pay for their Socialist Wet Dreams!

In a written comment upon the document which revealed the tragic truth about Britains readiness against a Soviet attack, Callaghan wrote:- “Heaven help us if there is a war!”



30 Responses to “They really need to be resilient!”

  1. as I have said Bitain has a great military, but not enough ships to protect her island. Did you forget what gave england her initial glory?

  2. Troll –

    Not really, but then neither has the Fabian scum who have betrayed the British people.

  3. ah sad but true

  4. Pete

    Have the Fabians taken over from the Gramsciites as the chief cause of GBs decline ?

  5. My daughter joined the Royal Navy a number of years ago and was one of the top recruits in her group and as her chosen trade was Communications officer, which had a high drop out rate, she had to undertake a secondary trade. She completed this but couldn’t undertake the Comms course, until her seamanship course was passed. But there was a problem….due to funding difficulties, her ship, HMS Glasgow was confined to shore from November to March as there was no money for fuel [You couldn’t make it up] and she was based on shore, returning to her ship each morning, only to be sent back to her shore base, as there was no work to do. Without going to sea, she couldn’t undertake the seamanship course. My daughter got so bored with Navy life due to these problems, she resigned her commission and after much difficulty returned to civilian life, went back to University and qualified in ICT and now teaches in a Primary School. She sought the life as portrayed in the adverts but due to Labour policy and their downsizing of the Navy, was left very annoyed with losing a career that she so much wished to have.

  6. Colm –

    No. I see the parlous state of humour in GB as the chief cause of decline.

    William –

    The Royal Navy has come under sustained and severe attack from the Fabians in government in a proxy attack against the monarchy.

    The Royal Navy is the Senior Service. It does not exist by any Act or permission of Parliament, but belongs to the Queen. Because of this it’s reserved for special treatment by the traitors in Westminster.

  7. I would wonder though, in the modern era, how relevant is a Navy. I can understand the need to maintain a Navy, especially if you are a fan of Marine deployment, but long gone are the days when Capital ships are going to target each other. Warfare has changed and the Navy is no longer the relevant force it was in days gone by. It is thus not surprising that the British Government have decided to curtail spending on the Royal Navy.

  8. Seamus –

    We are an island nation. The Royal Navy is therefore the most vital of the Armed Forces.

  9. If you are ever attacked by a conventional Armed Force, then a Navy would be a vital area. But you, at least in the forseable future, aren’t going to be attacked by a conventional Armed Force again.

  10. Seamus a navy is how you project your power, your right if you wait until your Island is surrounded it will be to late

  11. William
    That is a sad tale I hope your daughter is happy even if politics robbed her of a wonderfull adventure

  12. But Troll, is a projection of power more important than a sound Military Defense. Naval Power is outdated, with the exception of things like Aircraft Carriers, and Amphibious Assault Ships. The idea of Destroyers and Battleships doing battle in the modern age is just stupid.

  13. Seamus –

    What use is the Army if a superior navy blockades the UK? The Royal Navy will always be the essential force for our defence.

  14. What are the chances of a Superior Navy Blockading the UK? Most countries recognise that Naval Power isn’t a faux power. A blockade wouldn’t work against sophisticated missile delivery systems. If someone blockades the UK, then Missle Systems could attack said Navy.

  15. Pete M
    I read an article a couple of years ago making a credible case that it was the Royal Navy rather than the RAF which prevented the Nazi invasion of Britain.

    I forget some of the details – but remember they had an official RAF Historian agreeing with them.

  16. The reason, Andy, that the RAF is given credit is that if the Luftwaffe had defeated the RAF, then the Germans could then use the Luftwaffe against the Royal Navy. If the Royal Navy was smaller then the Kreigsmarine would have been able to defeat it and invade Britain.

  17. Seamus –

    What are the chances of a Superior Navy Blockading the UK?

    Negligible if we retain a powerful Royal Navy.

    In the long term, it will happen if we do not retain a powerful Navy. Within your lifetime there’s a chance of war between the UK and EU. If we degrade the Royal Navy sufficiently that chance is greatly raised.

  18. Pete, even if a war like that was to happen, how effective would a blockade be? Surely a blockade wouldn’t stand up to a Air and Missile Strike?

  19. Pete what is it they call the Navy?

    The senior service/branch or what and why?

  20. It is nicknamed the Senior Service, simply because it existed before the British Army and the RAF.

  21. a projection of power is a crucial part of national defense.

    Russia, China and the US understand it and use it. admttidly the chicoms have just entered the game.

    but why do you think we have 3 fleets around the ME and russia is trying to place one off of venezuela.

    Modern navies are floting weapon platforms that are actually more dangerous than land based ICBMs

  22. The only weapon system more dangerous than a navy are the missile sub forces but they are a part of the navy even though considered an independant arm

  23. That is the thing Troll. Of the 88 Operational Ships in the Royal Navy only 5 of them fit that bill.

    HMS Ark Royal
    HMS Illustrious
    HMS Ocean
    HMS Albion
    HMS Bulwark

    The rest of them are not suited to modern Naval Warfare.

  24. *Oops should read 78 Operation Ships.

  25. RS –

    It is the Senior Service because it pre-dates the army and RAF. It was commissioned by Royal decree and belongs, therefore, to the monarch.

    On the other hand, the Army and RAF were commissioned and are maintained under Act of Parliament. For this reason Army and RAF officers take the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown. Naval officers aren’t required to take the Oath because their loyalty to the Crown is assumed.

    The Royal Navy has always been seen as the King’s/Queen’s force then and is associated more closely with the monarch than either of the other branches.

  26. thats a disgrace seamus you need a modern navy, the world has not gotten safer

  27. >>On the other hand, the Army and RAF were commissioned and are maintained under Act of Parliament. For this reason Army and RAF officers take the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown. Naval officers aren’t required to take the Oath because their loyalty to the Crown is assumed.<<

    Interesting (if totally true).
    That would also explain the "HMS".

  28. Seamus
    I forget all the details, but I seem to recall that it was believed the Luftwaffe didnt have the capacity to sink contemporary battleships.

    One of the issues the article looked at was the fact the Japanese were able to sink US battleships a few years later, but apparently that technology wasnt available to the Nazis. They could have developed it I suppose.

    i will see if i can find the article on line.

  29. The didn’t need to sink the Battleships, just Neutralise them. The use of Naval Bombers (and ultimately, given the short distance of the Channel, the use of Dive Bombers) would be used to attack the main armaments of the Royal Navy. With the Royal Navy neutralised the Germans would then be able to mount an invasion of southern England.

  30. Noel
    I can guarantee that naval officers dont need to swear allegiance to the queen.. (for reasons i cant go into!)