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By Pete Moore On June 25th, 2019

We’ve observed this in here previously. My emphasis –

Every summer, something curious happens to the men inside Ascot’s Royal Enclosure. Doors and gates are held open for women, hands extended to help us down stairs and top hats doffed in our direction, as though, for that one week a year, young British men have decided to play at being chivalrous vintage gents – before leaving the manners and morning suits in a rumpled pile on the floor at the end of the day. Last Friday, it hit me: they’re playing that part because they’re dressed for it.

Slobs not only make the public space ugly, they lower morals and behaviour.

9 Responses to “ATW QOTD”

  1. If you are only polite and a gentleman because you are dressed like it then you are neither.

  2. Royal Ascot


    The brawlers seem to be male and white.

  3. Feminist nonsense, Pete. Most Irishmen I know are instinctively chivalrous regardless of attire.

    Unless it’s an English thing…

  4. Not the first time it’s happened of course:


    I have to say though, the latest one looked particularly brutal with some cowardly bastard stamping on someone when he was on the ground.

  5. Yes. The smartly dressed Kray twins were always perfect gentleman.
    They had a Chelsea smile for everybody.

  6. https://www.nationalcrimesyndicate.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/John-Gotti-768×576.jpg

  7. I think this is what Pete and the Daily Torygraph have in mind:


  8. best line in that movie….. “move your bloomin ass”

  9. See now Peter sent me down the rabbit hole….. that is one of my all time favorite musicals…

    and now I have to watch it…… I curse you with a gem….