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As we’ve said all along …

The Irish Times: “In a Brexit planning document published this afternoon the Government says the checks required would disrupt trade between the UK and Ireland but says these checks would not take place at the border.”

In the event of a World Trade Brexit, says Dublin, some checks will be necessary to maintain the ROI’s position in the so-called single market and customs union. However, surprise surprise, they will happen away from the border, confirming what Brexiteers have said all along before the issue was absurdly blown out of all proportion.

The EU and Dublin have a choice: they can agree such checks in place of the backstop, or we leave with no withdrawal agreement, they get no money, and they put the checks in place anyway.

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  1. Or we can continue with the perfectly seamless tariff free quota free easy movement borders we have with all of our 27 European partners . If it ain’t broke, don’t Brexit.

  2. You do them away from the border and they still need to be done. Especially sanitary checks on the movement of food and livestock. The people doing it, especially on the northern side of the border, becomes targets for dissident Republicans.

    Strip the GB elements out of the backstop and keep Northern Ireland de facto in the EU with a Northern Ireland only backstop. That way Britain gets to leave the EU and there is no change in the border situation.

  3. Seamus

    The Tory government would have done that if they had a solid working majority and weren’t dependent on the DUP to stay in office.

  4. Indeed. And might still do it if they can shore up the numbers in the Commons.

  5. I hope they don’t. I would prefer the whole U.K. to stay in the backstop forever 😉

  6. Pete, someone’s incorrect. We’ve been through this before:

    Paul McMahon, on November 28th, 2018 at 8:29 PM Said:

    Article 6
    1. Border inspection posts must:
    (a) be located in the immediate vicinity of the point of
    entry into one of the territories listed in Annex I, and
    in an area which is designated by the customs
    authorities in accordance with the first
    subparagraph, points (a) and (b) of Article 38(1) of
    Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92.
    However, where necessitated by geographical
    constraints (such as an unloading wharf or a pass), a
    border inspection post at a certain distance from the
    point of introduction may be tolerated in accordance
    with the procedure laid down in paragraph 2 and, in
    the case of rail transport, at the first station stop
    designated by the competent authority



  7. If the UK leaves without a withdrawal agreement it will be an international outlaw that should not be trusted on any matter, especially trade.

    The ROI checks will be done wherever necessary facilities are located and as close to the border as reasonably possible. This announcement is not a change in policy in any way.

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