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By ATWadmin On January 9th, 2009

It’s interesting to consider that hundreds of thousands of Eastern European migrants who will lose their jobs here plan to ride out the recession on British benefits – costing taxpayers around £200million a year.

Up to 200,000 migrant workers are set to lose their jobs this year as firms lay off staff in the construction, manufacturing and retail industries. But while some young single workers are expected to return home, many others are likely to stay in the UK and ask their relatives to join them. They are keen to take advantage of Government handouts which are four times higher than in other EU states. The average family with children can claim around £715 a week in benefits in Britain, compared with just £178 in countries such as Poland. Hungarian coffee shop owner Tamas Fekte, 29, who lives in Cambridge, said: “I would never move home. The benefits here are so much better.”

I don’t blame him, wouldn’t you?

But I sure as hell do blame our government for allowing such a situation to prevail.  Our welfare system is a honeypot for every immigrant, they know that our system is a soft touch and so they keep coming, and once they arrive, they stay since the difference between £715 a week and £178 a week is so massive that it guarantees no one leaves. The British taxpayer is having to fund all of this at a time when our savings are  being neutralised and we face massive tax increases in little over a year. It’s a scandal and one that can be laid directly at the door of Gordon Brown and his troupe.

19 Responses to “UK WELFARE CENTRAL…”

  1. I agree, David. Sadly we have are own benefits scroungers who are born and raised here David.


    So much for the various agencies cutting down on fraudulent benefits claimants (cheats).

  2. Just to add, when are the UK people going to get off their arses and DEMAND action to cut this and make the UK less of a honeypot to every loser on Planet Earth. No other EU country puts up with it, so why should the UK?

  3. Did they not pay taxes here? They’ve earned their benefits then, which is a damn sight more than you can say for Northern Ireland.

  4. NI people pay taxes too.

    (How does one denote rolling your eyes without smilies?)

  5. or rather rolling one’s eyes ;o)

  6. Only the little people pay taxes

    ( Leona Helmsley )

  7. Aileen,

    True, but I imagine the Poles are net contributors.

  8. I’m sure that you could have made that point without the dig at Nothern Ireland. There are other areas of the UK that are net gainers. There are also many other ways of grouping people to get net gainers and net contributers.

  9. "There are other areas of the UK that are net gainers."

    Indeed there are, and if they start whingeing about the Poles then I shall mention them too.

  10. Which area is whinging?
    I suspect that the people that you are accusing of "whinging about the Poles" are net contributers too. If they are not then perhaps you could address your comments to them. Not that that would really make that valid a point as paying taxes and your fellow countrymen and women benifiting from it is all part of the idea.

    *rolls eyes

  11. Are you suggesting that foreigners should pay in but not benefit?

  12. There is no such suggestion in what I said and I am at a loss as to how it could be considered so.

  13. My apologies Aileen. I assumed you were adopting David’s position. You did mention only "fellow countrymen" benfitting though, which would seem to exclude the Poles.

  14. I was just demonstrating that I accept that the net contributions that my taxes go to, will benefit my fellow countrymen (net gainers), from whatever part of this UK.

    Your position that the Poles are already net contributers would have excluded them from that category.

    I just came into the thread because I was frankly p’d off by you having an unecessary dig at NI.

    On the subject of the thread. I think that there is an issue that needs to be addressing. However paying taxes, like paying insurance, if you pay into it then you are entitled to the return on it when the circumstances apply.

  15. Jimmy Sands –

    Are you suggesting that foreigners should pay in but not benefit?

    That’s perfectly reasonable. Foreigners benefit from the social infrastructure paid by all while they’re here.

    When they don’t pay in – sod’em, they’re foreign. The British State ought to discriminate in favour of Britons over foreigners. That’s the point of the British State. If it won’t favour Britons over foreigners it has no purpose.


  16. "That’s the point of the British State."

    Is it? Such poverty of ambition from a state which once professed such lofty ideals.

  17. Jimmy Sands –

    Oh do remind us all. What were those ideals?

  18. Well I’m a foreigner myself, but weren’t they once very big on Fair Play?

  19. Yes, Jimmy Sands. Fair Play is a uniquely British concept. It’s one of the hallmarks of our Great British Civilisation.

    That’s why Britons come first in Great Britain. It’s not really fair to suggest that a Great Briton be treated the same as some vodka wog who pitched up five minutes ago now, is it?