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The world’s lenses and laptop aims have long ago veered away from the open sore of Sangatte, where the so-called Asylum-seekers knew that they were just short of the promised land. London; where they would be given housing, money, washing machines and State largesse, all by stating, once they crawled out of the truck or container, that they were scared of persecution where they had come from. No matter that they had usually paid large sums of cash to be brought to the very tip of Europe, all certain that once they reached Xanadu, all would be well, because the softest touch in the world was governing some twenty miles away from Sangatte!

Remember when Sarko’ said that Sangatte One would be closed? Remember how the poison souring Brit-French would be cleared?

Well now that a charity has succefully gained authorisation for the building of Sangatte Three, and thousands of scum have once more commenced congregating near to the entry to ‘Paradise’, or Brixton, whichever is nearer, what should be done about this cancer caused by this silly, stupid, inefectual, Labour Government who has presided over the farce which is the Immigration Reality of Britain?



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7 thoughts on “they haven’t gone away either; y’know!

  1. "Mohammedei said he was trying to reach London because his wife was already there…"

    Yeah, sure thing pal. Your PhD in astro physics and personal invite from the Queen is also convincing.

  2. Colm:

    Scum is a very special word. It, in effect, means nothing. You can refer to anything you hate or even vaguely dislike as ‘scum’ and then forget about it. Never question, never even think about it.

    it is the favored word of those who fear – are thought to despise – their rationality, the wonderful attribute that we all posses. The skill that separates us from all other being. It took revolutions, pain, and unspeakable death for humans to be able to ‘rediscover’ it.

    The conservative movement and religion, in particular, are ready for an enlightenment round two today. They are the real enemy, if they take our rationality, we are truly screwed.

  3. Guba

    I would still like (prefereably Mike) or someone else to give a rational explanation for such a description. It is perfectly justifiable to oppose Britain allowing them to come and reside here and to attack politicians who permit such levels of immigration or entry but why should these men be referred to as scum ? They are only trying to better their lot in lfe.

  4. Well, Colm, my argument would be that there is no rational explanation for its use.

    It is, of course, justifiable to deny there entry. This use of ‘scum’ is, however an example of hate. There is no rational explanation to hate these people, as there is not to hate Jews, blacks, infidels etc. It is irrational.

    This hate or irrationality is breed from irrational fear. This fear is what is peddled by fundamentalist religion. The religion faced by Gallileo and that faced in the Muslim world and parts of America today. The enlightenment allowed us the opportunity to escape this irrational fear, its peddlers, unfortunately, are making a comeback.

  5. "For what reason are these people referred to as scum ?"

    Because they’re not white. Obviously.

  6. They are not trying to better their lot, if they were they would be staying in France. They are liars and crooks to a man – they are still attempting to claim asylum from Britain despite having already reached a safe country, and therefore the reasonable conclusion can be drawn that they are simply the worst kind of economic migrant – one who will contribute nothing, take everything and will also prejudice the claims of those genuinely fleeing persecution.

    In a word, scum.

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