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I see that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been pretending that she is taking a patriotic stance by tightening the immigration rules to try to ensure that firms take on jobless British people rather than skilled foreign workers during the recession. This is the PR line being retailed in the press today. But it’s not as iyt appears. What she means is that EU NATIONALS can have first pick off the job. I’m afraid Jacqui’s patriotism is to the EU, not the UK. Thing is – why should government  be TELLING business who it should employ? If people are lawfully here, how dare Kommisar Smith dictate who will be employed? 

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  1. You could have put more flesh on it, Allan:

    Talks between Unite and subcontractors at Staythorpe power station near Newark failed to force the firms to employ more local workers.
    Power station builder Alstom subcontracted work to Spanish firms Montpressa and FMM. The union claims the firms said they would use only foreign workers on the project.
    A Unite spokeswoman said: "We had talks with the firms but they have not come back with a resolution, so we are in a deadlock and can only try to keep up the pressure. We also meet with the government all the time and will keep the issue at the top of our agenda."
    The government last week announced £98m in funding to develop skills in sectors including nuclear and renewable energy to "keep jobs for UK residents".

  2. A week or so back, and in response as to why politicians are not popular, Home Secretary Jacqui"are you looking at my tits" Smith, remarked that it was because… "we are seen as remote". Jeeeze!
    This deeply vulgar and patronising fish wife actually believes this is the reason.
    Boy, are her constituents of Reddich in Worcestershire going to tell her the real reason, come the next GE.
    What a sauce….!

  3. Any way, what is a "British" worker under Nu Labour, someone who was born here, clearly not. Someone who has lived here 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, 12 months?

    I hope Blair’s sister in law will forgive me, but when it comes to jobs in this country …….

    …….. we’re all British now.

  4. It’s funny though isn’t it. Even though this is all superficial nonsense being spouted by Nu Labour, why do they feel compelled to do anything?

    Is it because of social cohesion? I doubt it.

    Is it because of concerns with Islamic fundamentalism? Definately not, there is no problem what so ever with such a fine, upstanding and tolerant group of peaceful "celebrants."

    Is it because they are genuinely concerned about "British" workers? Well, see comment above.

    Is it because they realise they have made a mistake with their policies? Heaven forfend.

    Is it because Nu Conservative or the Lib Dems are challenging the Government on behalf of the beleaguered British people? You’re having a laugh aren’t you.

    No, there is one, and only one reason that they feel the need to, at the very least, give the impression that they have any concern for the British people.

    Should you tell them that reason Seamus or shall I?

  5. Is it because the British people realise you skinhead neo-nazi football hooligans were right all along?

    That’s it isn’t it?

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