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The Joker….. not

By Patrick Van Roy On October 17th, 2019

I just subjected myself to Hollywood’s protest movie against the Comic Book Movie megahits….. The Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix is filmed in the style of a noir film. An Arthouse project dark and grainy in it’s feel and presentation.

The story takes shot at the Batman mythos the entire film just as it tries to take shots at society. It sadly misses with both. The critics are raving about this film Joaquin Phoenix I’m sure will win an Oscar. His portrayal of insanity was fantastic, it is truly the only thing worth seeing in this film. However the Joker he is not….

24 Responses to “The Joker….. not”

  1. Critics mixed over here. First half is good then it loses its way . I went to see it and was disappointed. I would have taken it in a different direction . Made the Joker a star and had the whole city involved Batmanesque. But it ended not with a bang but a whimper

  2. The hospital scenes were filmed at the mighty old Brooklyn army terminal, which is not too far from me


    The long stairway scene Was filmed in the Bronx, not far from Yankee stadium

  3. Patrick, you and I may not agree when it comes to global warming and politics, but our taste in movies seems to be very similar. I might give this film a go, but I’ve got a feeling I’m going to reach the same opinion as you.

  4. Hollywood’s protest movie against comic movie megahits

    ” Joker ” is a Warner Brothers film.

    Warner Brothers made the other Batman blockbusters.

    Warner Brothers is protesting against itself?

  5. Exceptionally violent.

    Has echoes of “ Death Wish “ and “ Escape from New York “, and joins them in the library of end of civilization New York City nightmare films.

    Disturbing. Will think about this for a bit.

    The Joker as a character is a great one. They’ve done a lot with him over time.

    Yes, Phoenix is brilliant.

  6. I don’t care which studio mafe it which studio does scorsese has worked for Warner and he hates the comic book movies…. The Whole industry hate comic book movies.

    They bring in the most money but they never get awards neither does sci fi….

    This movie was a purposeful slap at the comic movies Batman in particular.

    As I watched though if they had instead of trying to do the icon villain The Joker if they had instead done it as the study of just a madman do the same script change Wayne to any generic Billionaire and not try to make it “The Joker” it would have done much better than it is going to.

    It’s not going to get the comic book audience which is where the money is made.

    No this film is nothing but a vehicle to give Phoenix an Oscar.

  7. I don’t see anybody else saying that this was a slap At the prior Batman films

    It was a story, about how the Joker became such a maniac

    It is a criticism of society, including governments ( spoiler alert !,,)

    – –

    He is somewhat under control until Gotham City cuts his talk therapy and cuts off his medications because of budget cuts. Then he loses all control and starts to commit big crimes. That type of thing has happened in the US – it has been discussed here

    I am familiar with Multiple locations used in this movie – including Brooklyn army terminal ( the Arkham Hospital ) , a Subway station ( Two subway stations are used in the movie ), and the ancient Newark theater, near the Newark Penn Station, which has been closed for 33 years

    Very good grim cinematography .

  8. He is somewhat under control until Gotham City cuts his talk therapy and cuts off his medications because of budget cuts. Then he loses all control and starts to commit big crimes. That type of thing has happened in the US – it has been discussed here

    That would make a good post

  9. Very good grim cinematography .

    That I actually liked, very noir

  10. Whoever decided on these film locations knows NYC and NJ very well

    The character of the Joker was created in 1939

    And he is much bigger, much more talked about now he was 80 Years ago

  11. https://www.timeout.com/newyork/news/joker-fans-heres-where-you-can-go-dance-on-those-steps-in-the-movie-101719

    Must see next time I go to a Yankees game ( the stairs are not far from the Stadium )

  12. Joker has lept the number 5 on IMDb top 100 films.
    That’s impressive. I may have to give this film a go.

  13. add your review to it….

    The Film was horrible, Phoenix will get his Oscar

  14. Prepare to be devastated by Joker. Not so much by the intense madness and blood-spewing violence that is sometimes hard to watch, or the overwhelming central performance by Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, but by the vision and artistry of the film itself. Even if you hate it, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before—like waking up next to a poisonous snake nestled on your blanket, poised and ready to strike. You’re horrified but unable to move. Regardless of my mixed feelings, I think it’s the best film about the psychological effect of violence as pop art since Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.


  15. Dave, The Joker in the White House is definitely more entertaining
    Republican antics are a laugh a min
    “when you got neither facts nor the law on your side, you go beserk ”
    Nuts, bananas, ever hour another bombshell lands that is causing psychotic meltdowns, its sooo funny ..LMAO, and we’re just getting started 🙂

  16. The Joker in the film was abused growing up, so you can understand if not excuse his depravity

    What’s the president’s reason for acting the way that he does?

  17. my guess is he’s never had to face accountability for anything he has done wrong in his life.
    That’s how to become a mafia-style boss, get someone else to pay ..e.g paul mananfort/Cohen and prolly Rudy Guiliani soon ..

  18. kurt

    Dave, The Joker in the White House is definitely more entertaining

    I find the Joker in The White House f*cking scary mate. A hell of a lot more scary in a mentally deranged guy in a movie.

  19. He’s never had a true boss in his life.

    His parents couldn’t handle him growing up, and he was shipped off to military school, a kind of reform school for problem rich boys.

    The academic records ( ! ) are sealed.

    That’s our president.

  20. you guys have tds so bad you can’t even take a break on a film review….. seek help

  21. But we not saying untrue things about him now are we

  22. Lol and I take comfort in the fact that my syndrome will pass
    Whilst the followers alas are permanently deranged by Trump
    and that will never pass.

    The comeback kid 🤡

  23. Trump could be setting the stage for even more depraved personalities that would follow him

  24. Even in elementary school, I was a very assertive, aggressive kid. In the second grade I actually gave a teacher a black eye. I punched my music teacher because I didn’t think he knew anything about music and I almost got expelled. I’m not proud of that, but it’s clear evidence that even early on I had a tendency to stand up and make my opinions known in a forceful way. The difference now is that I like to use my brain instead of my fists

    “ The art of the deal “

    His words, not mine

    He was a bad kid who became a bad adult