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HOW IS an American patriot to get through tomorrow’s coronation of King Hopenchange I without puking?

While the masses gather already to acclaim the man who will make them happy, what a splendidly apt demonstration of the betrayal of the American purpose this nauseating show isturning out to be. The relationship between the American people and their representatives turns on the fulcrum of the Constitution of the United States of America. It does not merely define the powers of government, it is a libertarian statement. Vast areas of human behaviour and civil society are ruled beyond the clearly defined limits of state power.

It implies and promises the irrelevancy of politicians and state power in much of American life.

Yet just 222 years after that Constitution was adopted, Barack Obama will be presented amid the backdrop of the Capitol and receive ovations that would make a Roman Emperor blush. Since no normal person can take such affectations seriously he may as well wear purple and smirk throughout.

I’m long beyond hope of the media discovering a healthy cynicism for good reason – I lived through the Blair era. When Sky News presenters shamelessly suggest “How can you not smile at the prospect of President Obama?” as happened over the weekend, and when even supposedly reactionary rags such as the Daily Telegraph abandon any seriousness, why bother with them?

The hopelessly uncritical reception giving to Obama and resulting open fauning ought to make any sane adult squirm and despair for the future. How then can he come so far on the back of absurdly empty language if many Americans and much of the West hasn’t lost all sense of reality? Let’s not delude ourselves further that Obama is any rhetorical master; in the modern political age Churchill and JFK were such men, from Obama there are only platitudes and meaningless drivel, however confidently delivered.

Enjoy tomorrow if you can. Feast your eyes on a spectacle apparently costing north of $100million. If it makes you happy, vest your hopes for yourself in a man of limited ability who doesn’t know you exist and probably couldn’t care that you do. Wave him off to the absurd White House and ludicrous ‘Air Force One‘. Just don’t go for a stroll through the American capital city; many areas will be off limits and you’ll be fortunate to avoid some very rude and heavily-armed undesirables.

The Founding Fathers would have been sick.

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57 thoughts on “Spare Me This Creepy Display

  1. "HOW IS an American patriot to get through tomorrow’s coronation of King Hopenchange I without puking?"

    Not bitching about it?

  2. This inauguration is now like a helium balloon with the end untied, spinning out of control around a room before coming, finally, to rest.

    In the end, inert. On the ground. A rumpled piece of brightly colored latex, just a memory, not even a promise of better things to come.

  3. Note the picture of O. His lapel pin is an O, the swastika of the modern cult of personality.

  4. Its a bit overdone, but there’s no harm in that. We do Presidential pomp very well. And this is a huge occasion.

    Obama comes in with a huge reservoir of good will, and here’s hoping that he spends it wisely.

  5. What, not Sexie Sadie?

    Bush leaves with 22% Gallup Poll approval ratings, which is the lowest they’ve ever recorded. That is a sign of hope as well.

  6. The best thing about the election of Obama is watching the likes of the quite dreadful Michelle Malkin and the inhabitants of the simply ghastly Free Republic implode with impotent rage. It is truly a delight to behold.

  7. Swastika Charles? Unfortunate choice of words that I’ll attribute to a bad mood and not to your normal decency.

  8. "Pete

    Are you an American patriot?"

    "Phantom, I think he wants to be."

    Oh no! Not another Plastic Yank.

    BTW Mahons, can Bush be arraigned for perjury for HIS inauguration promise on oath to defend the constitution?

  9. Let’s replace that with "totem" or "political symbol",
    but it ain’t no American flag.

  10. Irish Barry

    Bush has an impeccable defense. He did defend the Constitution of the United States.

  11. Irish Barry –

    No, not another plastic Yank, just an admirer of the nation created by my fellow Britons.

    A gold star to you for noticing the presidential oath to defend the Constitution. What a pity that most who take the oath seem not to heed the words.

    For all the jibber-jabber surrounding the presidency, this is one of two obligations that Obama will assume, the other being to get out of people’s lives.

    His job description goes no further.

  12. Brilliant post Pete. It doesn’t seem American at all. But then again if you look at the French they do the same – trappings and ceremony stuff. It’s weird and very unrepublican.

  13. I wish Obama well. Obviously. For the sake of the country. And, already he is performing much better than expected. Seriously.

    I don’t think McCain would have been much better, or even much different regarding his appointments. The difference between McCain and The Big O was always national defense — McCain’s instincts are better. But my prayers and hopes are with Obama towards his success.

    Now the inauguration and the hype surrounding this oh-so-auspicious day are an entirely different matter… it is Lady Di, American style, and I’m sorry, but I just don’t like government enough to bow down to this "historic" moment.

    And it is really annoying to have Bruce Springsteen, Bono, and every other nincompoop bowing and scraping to a ceremony of government.

    I’d go so far as to say that it is UNAMERICAN! Since when did we put govt. on a pedestal?

  14. Patty

    It’s been that way for a long, long time. And Americans like it. A lot. Look at your TV tomorrow and you’ll be looking at a sea of them.

    But having "mumbles" Springsteen and worse still the tax shy Bono there is an insult to the Constitution of the United States. Get them out of here, for the love of God.

  15. Phantom: you’re a real nice guy and you tend to go with the flow. Which is a good thing but I think if you’re objective you have to recognize that the ceremony is waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy out of control. It is the most expensive one to date by a long shot.

  16. It is a typical American inauguration ceremony, however the first in a while that has people actually inspired.

    Pete – as an aside – we were created by tossing out your fellow Britons, but we’ll let bygones be bygones amigo. All friends now.

  17. Pete,

    I think you just hit the nail quite hard on the head!

    Is all the crap generated because he’s black, or Democratic, or ‘Not Bush’?

    He’s a one term Senator who’s parlayed a way with words, a couple of books and a hearty dislike of the Republican Nominee, into the Office of the President. Apart from that, what’s he done to warrant the salad of adulation which has been smeared across the political landscape?

  18. Mike Mike, not the salad, the main course.

    It is less what he’s done, than what we hope to do.

  19. It has been estimated that only one-third of the colonists were active patriots, a third remained loyal to Britain, and the rest were neutral. Perhaps if Britain hadn’t the equivalent leader of George Bush at the time America would not exist. Particularly given the 30,000 German soldiers (mostly Hessians) hired by Great Britain were hardly suitable and the the colonies relied heavily on France.

    It says something about luck (Obama – heh). But it is good they based their Constitution somewhat in European values and mostly in British rights and the rule of law. I guess that is why their head of state ceremony is peculiarly royal pomp.

  20. I wonder how Pete Patty Mike Charles and co would react to a future historic Sarah Palin inauguration. Their hysteria would make the Obamafest this week seem like a modest tea party 😉

  21. That party might be like that of Andrew Jackson, when the hillbillies basically wrecked the White House with their wild partying!

  22. Colm – Thank God and the voters we’ll never know. But hey, if she’s re-elected in Alaska they could have a fun road trip.

  23. Jackson had brass balls.

    I hear that when attacked by a would be assassin, he went after the guy with his hickory walking stick.

    The John Adams series is supposed to be very good.

  24. Mahons – what??

    Has the new regime expunged already unpatriotic references from the People’s Authorised History?

    Those British colonialists who rebelled against their German king would have been quite surprised at being identified as American.

    But hey, hands across the Atlantic and all that. A place in the Empire will again be yours once you apologise for that silliness back then.

  25. RS – The John Adams series was excellent and it grows on you as it goes. I recommend it highly.

    Phantom – How about William Henry Harrision who gave too long an inaugural speech in the cold and died of pneumonia 30 days later- thus having the longest speech and shortest term.

  26. That’s the kind of stuff we’re made off. That’s what made the USA so great. Scots – Irish, great mix.

  27. David

    2012 ?. What could she possibly achieve that year ? Can’t be President coz that’s gonna be an Obama landslide 😉

  28. Pete – LOL. It was in recognizing their American nature that they broke away. As for the invitation, to return to Mother England, no thankee.

    But why not join us: we could use a 51st State – especially one with so many potential Democratic voters!

  29. I pray that I make it to 2013 so that I can see the inauguration of President Palin ,
    Hail to the Female Chief .

  30. I’ve actually spoken to a couple of Brits who wanted just that – to join the US, and who saw that as a vastly better alternative to staying in the EU.

    And these aren’t even political people or cranks – they just saw far more of a common cultural/political/even family bond with the US and Canada than they had with the continent.

    An interesting bar room conversation.

  31. Phantom

    Given the choice between the EU and the USA, it would be the USA for me as well.

    Very true, we do have far more in common with yourselves than with Europe.

  32. Phantom

    Perhaps the US should join the Commonwealth and all the nations in that organisation should form a stronger International union with the UK dropping out of the EU.

  33. By virtue of population, the incoming United Kingdom would get more than one state. They deserve about 10 states.

    Colm, you decide where the borders should be. .

  34. US join Commonwealth?

    I’ve heard worse ideas!

    If the UK left the EU to do any kind of a merger with the US, the French would never be able to stand it. They could deal with anything but that.

  35. Al:

    The Scots are Irish; it means Irish. But you are right, we are a great bunch!


    Franklin wanted Ireland to become a member of the United States. It would have been fascinating. The Irish done more than most to shape America as it is.


    As regards the Empire: been there, done that. It wasn’t a great experience and we had awful bother in kicking you out.

  36. If the choice was the EU or US, becoming the 51st State (or 96th according to Obama) is vastly more sensible.

    Distance is irrelevent. In fact London is closer to DC than is Hawaii. Far from there being any cultural or political bond with European nations, our ways are wholly irreconciliable. On the other hand, the US Constitution and legal system are based on the British.

    Fine, let us say goodbye to our European friends and become the richest state in the world’s richest nation.

    Makes sense all around.

    Even America’s monarchy differs from ours only in that the term is limited by law.

  37. ‘Perhaps the US should join the Commonwealth and all the nations in that organisation should form a stronger International union with the UK dropping out of the EU.’

    The Commonwealth is a joke. What would be the benefit of joining it?

    We are far better in maintaining ties with our European allies than with Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso. We would probably have to forke out more aid to corrupt African governments and Ireland wouldn’t win any medals in the Commonwealth games anyway!

  38. For the sake of argument, how about a new entity altogether?

    Not the US , and not a Commonwealth, which is heavily weighted to the Third World as a kind of a club

    But a combined political entity

    Go for one big Parliament and get rid of the Senate and House of Lords altogether

    Two house systems double the opportunity for corruption so I am all for a Parliament.

  39. ‘The Scots are Irish; it means Irish.’


    Bollocks !

    You must be spending too much time at Parkhead.Delusion is setting in.

  40. Phantom:

    "Bush has an impeccable defense. He did defend the Constitution of the United States."

    You say. But Naomi Wolf would take issue with that.

    Pay attention in particular to point #6. I quote:

    >Professor Walter F Murphy is emeritus of Princeton University; he is one of the foremost constitutional scholars in the nation and author of the classic Constitutional Democracy. Murphy is also a decorated former marine, and he is not even especially politically liberal. But on March 1 this year, he was denied a boarding pass at Newark, "because I was on the Terrorist Watch list".

    "Have you been in any peace marches? We ban a lot of people from flying because of that," asked the airline employee.

    "I explained," said Murphy, "that I had not so marched but had, in September 2006, given a lecture at Princeton, televised and put on the web, highly critical of George Bush for his many violations of the constitution."

    "That’ll do it," the man said.

    Anti-war marcher? Potential terrorist. Support the constitution? Potential terrorist.<

    Sounds pretty unconstitutional to me. But hey I shouldn’t bring up all these old gripes now. Wouldn’t want to spoil tomorrow’s party.

  41. Guba you can’t expect everyone to know the etymology of the word scot 😉

    Except maybe those Star Trek fans.

    ‘Now beam me up…’

  42. Oh, I hope Bono doesn’t prematurely ejaculate on stage. There is a clear and present danger you know, he is sooo overstimulated by his Chosen one’s coronation

  43. Oh, I hope Bono doesn’t prematurely ejaculate on stage. There is a clear and present danger you know, he is sooo overstimulated by his Chosen one’s coronation

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