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Entertaining to read that the Republic of Ireland may take in Jihadi prisoners from Guantanamo Bay if it gets EU backing for the move, Justice Minister Dermot Ahern said today. Mr Ahern said the Government may be willing to resettle some of the remaining 245 detainees in Guantanamo. Maybe Mr Ahern is hoping for more alleged terrorists as constituents? I mean, I thought the Republic had enough terrorists..but obviously if the EU tells them to take in captured Jihadi, Ireland once again will give a warm welcome to terrorists.

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9 thoughts on “IRELAND HEARTS GITMO!

  1. Perhaps he just needs the ‘readies’, and is prepared to change his country’s name to Robbin Ireland.

  2. I can’t decide what’s the bigger insult; the very idea of it from the Irish puppet government to the Irish people, or that the country has to clear who enters Ireland with a hostile foreign power.

    Some ‘free state’. What a joke.

  3. Interesting that you change from "alleged terrorists" to quite simply "terrorists" by the end of your post. If they are terrorists shouldn’t they be charged? If there is no evidence then shouldn’t we support the rule of law and support their release? Guantanamo is a plight on the world and sends out a very disturbing message. Obama is right to pledge bringing it to an end/

  4. Just happened to be on holiday in Afghanistan with Kalashnikovs as ornaments were they? They are prisoners of war and as such should be detained as prescribed by the articles of war (which they started) –until it is over

  5. So basically is somebody is arrested on suspicion of something they are guilty?????

    No. Its just that rightworld doesnt spend too much time deliberating the possible or actual complexities of such situations. These are the end results of ‘shooting from the hip’ and just claiming it is right.

    Of course there are risks to over thinking a situation, especually in the art of war. But its not like they have been short of opportunities (over 2500 days to be more specific) to rectify obvious mistakes.

  6. Pete – Saorst√°t √Čireann hasn’t existed since 1937, even then it was held as a dominion by a hostile "foreign" power…

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