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Did you see that the group representing small and medium businesses in Ireland has said that trade union calls for an increase to the minimum wage is out of touch with economic reality?

ISME says the Irish Congress of Trade Unions demand for a €1 increase in the national minimum wage will lead to thousands of job losses.  Chief Executive Mark Fielding said it is ridiculous at a time when the country is haemorrhaging jobs and businesses are going to the wall on a daily basis.

I really do wonder at the Trade Unions mindset? Can they not see that Ireland is in the ravages of recession and that employers need co-operation from employees to ensure that jobs are maintained? Where do they THINK this extra money is coming from? Don’t they see that these demands for wage hikes verge on the suicidal?

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  1. Union leaders don’t always work in the best interests of their dues paying members – kinda like politicians.

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