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Did you read that as many as nine out of ten failed asylum seekers are being allowed to stay in Britain despite having no right to remain? Yes, we’re really getting tough on these illegal immigrants.

The backlog of illegal immigrants awaiting deportation is growing fast as the UK Border Agency fails to keep pace with the number of rejected applicants. The number of unprocessed cases is also growing. And Government rules stating that all successful asylum seekers must have their cases reviewed after five years – to see if their country is now safe enough to return to – have descended into farce, because the Border Agency has no way of tracking those living in Britain and no plans for a review.

It gets worse.

Seventy per cent of planned deportations – where security staff accompany deportees on flights home – are cancelled, often due to lack of proper coordination, leading to ‘additional work and costs’.

The Agency often has to buy emergency travel documents from foreign governments to deport failed asylum seekers, but 13,000 of these have been wasted because individuals absconded, or because the papers expired.

Since 2005, Britain has granted asylum for five years only – after which cases should be reviewed in the hope that some immigrants will be able to return home. But astonishingly the Border Agency ‘has no process’ to track refugees living in Britain and ‘no plans in place to review these cases’.

It is beyond incompetent, it is criminal.

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7 thoughts on “BEDLAM OVER ASYLUM!

  1. Privatise the job.

    Pay private contractors on a ‘per immigrant successfully booted out’ basis.

    What’s the problem here? It’s a business perfectly suited to private enterprise. Contractors will agree rates based on the amount of paper work involved and flight costs with a bit of profit on top.

    Then – we start ejecting.

    Result – immigrants booted out and jobs for the lads in a time of recession.

    Am I great or what?

    Vote for me.

  2. According to the Beeb this morning it cost around £60.000 to return an illegal. Madness.

    The Irish government spent a whopping €150,000 deporting a single last year

  3. How much did it cost for the illegals to get here? If they can get themselves here, they can get themselves out.

  4. Another great NuLabour cock up. To be honest, I don’t think anyone will be surprised at this latest immigration scandal. Why do we need immigrants when this coutry is now offically in recession?

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