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If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem unhinged and beyond reason:

Collectivist academics have never been pro free speech (it would not be consistent with collectivism if they were in favour of free speech) – the academic that Dr Gabb attacks was following in the tradition of Plato himself.

The function of a university (as explained by Gramsci and Marcuse) is to produce minds indoctrinated with ‘progressive’ thought – so indoctrinated that any ideas that are hostile to the cause will be rejected by them (without consideration), and reject them with great hatred.

 – Paul Marks at samizdata

 That’s why.

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8 thoughts on “ATW Quote Of The Day

  1. ‘Collectivist academics have never been pro free speech’

    I would suggest reading, but you do not seem to like it much. You are, of course, wrong.

    You appear to be lumping all collectivists in with communists.

  2. Love and marriage, Colm?

    Too right, as long as we’re talking between a man and a woman – our civilisation depends on it. We’ll have none of that unnatural neo-Marxist poofter marriage nonsense around here.

  3. From the Samizdata link:

    <They become the sort of people who think the Economist is free market, laugh at the "humour" of the Communist comics on Radio 4 without actually sharing their ideology and do not see anything odd in the selection of books in British bookshops.>

    The choice of books in any of the bookshops is a disgrace to a supposedly ‘free’ country. Left, left, left.

  4. I feel really sad that the once great LSE is no longer a seat of learning but a place of indoctrination in persieved " correctness " . Instead of instilling in the students critical open analysis , it’s academics instil their own perceptions of truth , instead of truth itself ; they mistake belief for knowledge .

  5. This is a shameful case of closed minds not prepared to listen to alternative points of view and not prepared to debate the issues. In other words, the very opposite of what a university is supposed to stand for.

    They’ll be organising book-burnings next.

  6. Peter,was it in A Brave New World that was said that the only thing worse than a burned book was a unread one? The people who burn books are at least scared of it contents. The present generation seems to be so uninterested a book’s contents that it would never care to burn one. It didn’t take 500 years into the future, but only 50.

    Now if someone started burning video games…!!

  7. "If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem unhinged and beyond reason"

    I just assumed you were dropped on your head as a baby.

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