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Here is the state of State education in Britain after years of multiculturalism and unlimited immigration…

“There are now ten state schools in England without a single pupil who speaks English as his or her first language. Research reveals that there are almost 600 primary schools where 70 per cent or more of youngsters normally speak a foreign language. Across the country, one in seven pupils aged 4-11 does not have English as the first language, which is the equivalent of 466,620 children. But, following years of unprecedented levels of migration, ten schools have now reached a point where every youngster falls into this category.”

Shocking but sadly all too predictable. Close them down.

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2 thoughts on “BABBLE ON…

  1. So the solution to their lack of English is to close down their schools. That’s what I call blue-sky thinking.

    "Shocking but sadly all too predictable."

    Have you ever considered this as a title for the blog?

  2. Jimmy –

    ‘He who pays the piper….’

    You forget that DV hosts this site and pays for it too, which entitles him to be as acerbic and non-pc as takes his fancy.
    I quite like his ‘dissenting’ view of contemporary politics, as opposed to the anodyne machinations on other sites.
    However, I like your curmudgeonly comments, they sometimes make me laugh….

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