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Just For Fun

By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2009

6 Responses to “Just For Fun”

  1. I believe that that’s Merle Haggard, as an inmate, who you see 19-20 seconds into the video?

  2. did Merel do time at folsom?

  3. I believe Merle did do time at Folsom…and I think I remember hearing Cash refer to him being at the concert " in the front row " which this appears to be.

    The Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison DVD is worth buying and is available for rental. Its really good. Cash is at his best, full of life and humor, and you see a young and beautiful Linda Ronstadt blow ’em away.

  4. Johnny Cash live at Folsom is brilliant. So real, so raw. So filled with genuine feeling. I saw it on the recommendation of a friend and hadn’t really been a Johnny Cash fan, but I loved the whole spirit of the concert.

  5. I used to have it on vinyl years back

  6. Colm


    And its right in line with the Christian philosophy of visiting the prisoner, not abandoning him.

    That was not the only prison concert Cash did, either.

    I recently learned that he did a prison show in Sweden of all places in 1972.

    He spoke a few words in Swedish there, and they so loved him in Sweden for that.