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By ATWadmin On February 1st, 2009

At my time of life, or as one commenter called it ‘older people’ on a previous post, I did indeed think I had seen most things in this convoluted, pretentious, puffed-up country of ours, but once again, the facts bear out the truth; there is always something new and truly daft coming around the corner!


I was ambling around our local mall / shopping centre / modern cathedral with my wife this morning when I spotted the ultimate staff wanted sign in the window of a magic tricks shop, which read, and I truly do not exaggerate:-


Wanted; part-time Sundays only assistant.

Hours 10-4

C V Required

4 Responses to “signs…..times…”

  1. CV required: Chevaux Vapeur?

    Very strange requirement….

  2. Did you get the job?

  3. Trouble was I was neither black, a lesbian, crippled, a single father, disabled, muslim nor any combination of those qualities or specifics.

    Plus I failed the interview by stating I didn’t believe in Santa Claus!

  4. Your main problem is that you make sense and that is totally out of the question.