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By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2009

Time for unemployed Brits to get on their bike and go abroad?

“Lord Mandelson sparked fury yesterday after telling British workers to find jobs in Europe instead of complaining about competition from foreigners. As wildcat strikes over cheap foreign labour threatened to spread, the Business Secretary fanned the flames by insisting it would be wrong to keep British jobs only for British workers.  It would be a huge mistake to retreat from a policy where, within the rules, UK companies can operate in Europe and European companies can operate here,” he said. “Protectionism would be a sure-fire way of turning recession into depression.” It came as Gordon Brown condemned the strikes as “indefensible” and stressed that the UK was  part of a single European market. Europe Minister Caroline Flint also backed Lord Mandelson’s stance. She said: “It is important to remember that open European labour markets also allow British firms and workers to take advantage of contracts and opportunities elsewhere in the EU.”

So, are these people protesting xenophobes? Or are they slowly realising that being part of the EU carries a very high price? 

2 Responses to “XENOPHOBIC?”

  1. I liked the cartoon that showed Rolls Royce chauffered Mandy pulling up beside strking workers and telling them to go to Europe for jobs, as it didn’t do him any harm !!

    He can say that again !!

  2. Lord Mandelson of Fondleboy was quite recently an MP for Hartlepool. That town is a post-industrial working class area with little work available for its inhabitants, yet they voted for this treacherous piece of dirt. Like so many other Labour MPs, the treasonous fops such as Miliband get parachuted into safe seats with plenty of working class people, and then proceed to do them over. This time, with their ‘on yer flight’ and hypocritical MMGW-obsession, the Philbys of our age have hopefully gone too far.