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By ATWadmin On February 4th, 2009

More manipulation from Government. This time round they are pretending that they are saving British jobs for British graduates! Oh really?

“The Government may restrict the number of highly skilled migrants allowed into Britain because ministers fear many of the record 400,000 graduates leaving university this summer will fail to find work in the recession. Phil Woolas, the Immigration minister, wants to tighten the points-based system for people from outside the EU so they do not take jobs that might otherwise go to British graduates. Between 10,000 and 18,000 well-qualified foreigners are expected to come to the UK this year to look for work without having a job lined up…”

What a load of rubbish!

First, why discriminate against well qualified foreigners in order that those graduating with worthless UK degrees can claim the jobs. It is NOT non-EU “foreigners” that is the problem but rather an Education policy driven by radical egalitarianism that is churning out some of the most poorly educated graduates one could imagine. And if there are 10-15,000 well qualified foreigners from OUTSIDE the EU, I wonder how many come here from within the EU and how many British jobs do they take? I can think of some really well educated Australian and American young people in their early ’20’s who come here to gain work experience and who are truly excellent for our economy. Do we shut the door on them in order that Romanian and Bulgarians can come in and get the jobs?

Is that sensible policy? This government has an unworkable immigration policy and an unbelievably bad education policy. Woolas is a goon.


  1. Phil Woolas, the Immigration minister, wants to tighten the points-based system for people from outside the EU …

    Because Parliament put the Queen in breach of her Coronation Oath and subsumed us into a greater EU empire.

    Today, Parliament is powerless to do a single thing about 350 million aliens from moving here. Because of Parliament Britons have no more right to live in their ancestral homeland than any Tomas, Ricardo or Heinrich.

    All they can do is pretend to act tough – in the wake of the British working class finally waking up to the deception they have been subject to – by tightening further restrictions against our blood and natural allies in the Anglosphere.

    May God damn every single one of these Fabian traitors.

  2. Pete,

    It IS FAUX government, as you say, play acting for the audience.

  3. It’s not just the 350 million within the EU: it’s also the immigrants to those countries who may be allowed residence and thus rights of re-location to the UK as a result of some ‘amnesty’. Spain comes to mind with the prospect of amnesty to 1 million Moroccans. Moroccans!?? WTF!