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By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009

I was reading about how a grieving father has buried his teenage son in the back garden of his home so he would be “close to him forever”. Robert Milloy, 18, died after he was hit by a train at the level crossing in his home village of Gatehead, Ayrshire. Yesterday he was laid to rest under a lawn at his father’s house, which is near the railway line where the tragedy happened. Robert Milloy, a farmworker, was on a lunchbreak when he was killed on January 23. It is thought that at the time of the accident the teenager may have been distracted by either music on his headphones or his mobile phone. How sad.

I can only imagine the pain the father is going through at this awful loss and I suppose being buried in your own property is fair enough (So long as it’s not a flat).

One Response to “CLOSE TO YOU…”

  1. It’s very sad David. Those of us with grown children out in the world pray that we won’t receive the call to mourn and bury our heart’s deepest love.

    I can understand why this man chose his backyard for son’s final resting place. He doesn’t want to ever let the boy out of sight again. God bless his broken heart.