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You will have heard of the malignant Muslim Brotherhood? Well, it looks like Irish Republicans are keen to copy them…

“A new bout of violent republicanism is emerging in Dublin. A group claiming to represent the Irish Republican Brotherhood is threatening a new wave of violence against drug dealers and “supporters of foreign rule.”

In the last few days media outlets in the city have been contacted both in writing and via phone about the alleged organisation. In a statement, it is said that the IRB are “very much an active Republic organisation” that is “heavily equipped”. Gardai will not comment on the worrying developments, but the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said they were not ignoring the threat. A spokesperson said that while they could not comment about the matter directly, they were “taking a robust stance against all dissident republican terrorist groups regardless of their title”. Using a codeword, a statement was issued on behalf of the so-called IRB saying that it has “concrete foundations, and an army with active members throughout the island of Ireland”. It continues: “Our aims and efforts are simple but solid. We believe in free communities for our future. Including drug-free communities. Safer communities.” A caller added that that they would be “targeting” drug dealers with warnings and then serious violence if they refuse to co-operate. “We will be undoubtedly taking severe action against those found to be involved with these activities within the drug trade and followers of foreign rule.”

Not so many years ago, during the early “peace process” period, the IRA were murdering those they alleged to be drug dealers here in Northern Ireland – under the flag of convenience DAAD. (Direct Action Against Drugs). It seems that this franchise has been  now exported to Dublin and more republican violence will be the consequence. I wonder where they get all their illegals arms?

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  1. The IRB (aka The Fenian Movement)organised the 1916 rising so that rather than the Muslims is the inspiration for this latest micro group.

  2. So Henry, does that make them the ‘seed’ organisation for today’s brand of terrorism?

  3. Ernest

    I don’t think Islamic terrorism can be compared to the national liberation movements of yesteryear. Ireland voted repeatedly for Home Rule and it was the Unionists who were the first to bring guns into the country. They were willing to take up arms against Home Rule if it was passed by the British. So if terrorism was born in Ireland it was an orange baby.

  4. Very true. The orangeman brought the gun into the domestic problems of Ireland, buying them from the arch enemy of the empire at the time. Sadly many a unionist apologist still denies this fact.

    On this topic, it is clear that the law is an ass in relation to the approach to the drugs problen. This is what sadly gives these hoods support. In these troubled times, they may be an outlet for many disgruntled people. Fixing the law would eliminate a large percentage of this groups, albeit very limited support, overnight.

  5. Thank you Henry! I only asked as I know the IRA is renowned for its expertise in spreading the ‘terrorist gospel’ around the world, and the ME in particular.

    However,I live and learn…

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