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suffer the children……

By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2009



O Lord who watches over children in the present life and in the world to come because of their simplicity and innocence of mind, abundantly satisfying them with a place in Abraham’s bosom, bringing them to live in radiantly shining places where the spirits of the righteous dwell: receive in peace the soul of Your little servant Jaden Meck, for You Yourself have said, “Let the little children come to Me, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Amen. 



6 Responses to “suffer the children……”

  1. What a terrible tragedy. The poor wee mite.

  2. Poor wee thing. God bless him & his family.

  3. Words? I have none. Well written Mike.

  4. So very sad. One of the times you want to reach into a photograph and take a child out to keep it safe from what you know happened.

    RIP wee man.

  5. my god

  6. It breaks the heart.

    Spare a thought for the grandmother and the rest of the family, too. They’re destroyed, and probably had never considered the possibility that this might ever happen.

    Beautiful writing, Mike.