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Who agrees with former Miss World Rosanna Davison about the bitchiness of women?

The model has revealed that the reason she often prefers chewing the fat with her male friends is because they tend to be less frosty towards her than the fairer sex. Rosanna, who is singer Chris De Burgh’s daughter, has admitted that reactions to her definitely changed after she won the coveted crown back in 2003. Even six years on, The Dublin girl still encounters women who react differently to her. “Sometimes women can be a little bit f  unny with me and I found that when I went back to college the year after the Miss World thing. I was very lucky in that I had my tight-knit group of close friends there, but I did find that women who have previously chatted away to me in the toilets when they knew nothing about me, wouldn’t come up to me so easily.” She added: “Even now I still feel it’s easier for me to talk to men than to women, because women are less predictable than men.

It’s just an observation, and I will probably be damned for saying it, but I think women tend to be more bitchy towards each other than men. Don’t get me wrong – I love women (and have been in love with one for more than 30 years now!) but I think they behave differently to each other than they do to men.This seems particularly pronounced in the teen years but it doesn’t just stop there. Is it competitiveness? Is it jealousy? Is it rubbish? What’s your call – ladies?

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22 thoughts on “ARE WOMEN BITCHY?

  1. There is no doubt about it (and I know this is a gross generalisation) men have more loyalty towards their male friends than females have to theirs.

    Working in a very mixed and quite large working environment and as someone who has quite a few close female friends I have observed this at close quarters.

    They are much quicker to stab their mates in the back when they aren’t around and can be very bitchy.

    I know that many men have these traits as well but as a general rule the fairer sex exhibit these traits in greater numbers.

  2. I’m not surprised that people are bitchy towards her. After the dross her father released on an unsuspecting world she’s lucky not to be burned at the stake.

  3. Generally agree with that sentiment Chris, however, in terms of the unfathomable evils unleashed by her father this case is an exception.

    She at least deserves a good spanking and, bearing in mind the horrific nature of her fathers evils, I would even be prepared to administer the punishment personally.


    There’s even a little bit of it goes on on this site 🙂

    ‘women who have previously chatted away to me in the toilets’

    So thats what women do in the bogs when they go in groups !

  5. This is a question? Look women can be, some more than others. Are men assholes, they can be some more than others. Course we don’t look as good in bikinis.

  6. I don’t think we’re as bad as homosexual men. I am not being bitchy when I say that but I know enough of them to say that some of those guys can beat women at bitchiness hands down.

    God I knew this one, he’s moved to Scotland now, and he would shove his way in a door in front of you, literally knocking you out of the way. Elbow you out of the way, jump queues, hog a mirror and look at you with evil eyes if you were speaking to his man. I mean he looked at me as if I were a threat to him with his boyfriend.. He’d come into work and puke every monday morning after a bad night out on sunday night, and play drama queen with a headache. I mean I never saw any one behave like that with a headache.

    And he alwyays wore far to much after shave with a huge whiff of sweat leaking from his armpits….

    Take it from me those guys can bitch.

  7. I am not being bitchy when I say that but I know enough of them to say that some of those guys can beat women at bitchiness hands down.

    Alas I think that may well be true. You get some old queen going, and it can be hard to stop them.

  8. It’s nice to see David’s tropical fish tank in the background once again.
    The missus gone away for the weekend then?

    Me? Bitchy? Neverrrr…

  9. Just as I thought Mahons however it’s the ‘piece’ which concerns me :0)

    [Yes, I am challanging Colm’s ‘Smut King’ title].

  10. Mahons

    I a really hoping that you don’t just dispence with the "bottoms" so to speak!

    I wonder if Ms Davison expects other women to be bitchy to her. Our expectation can encourage realisation.

    Or is that a bitchy thing to say.

    I am going to confess to a guily pleasure – not bitching but listening to Lady in Red. I loved it.

  11. Why is referring to someone as a raghead or gollywog deeply hugely horribly awfully offensive but comparing a woman to a female dog not?

  12. This is woman who came out with a tirade of abuse at the babysitter who her dad seduced while Rosanna’s mum was in hospital.

    Couldn’t look further than blaming the mum while dad Chris escaped the vile abuse. Pot and kettle…

  13. Should read:
    Couldn’t look further than blaming the woman while dad Chris escaped the vile abuse.

  14. That saying that the only thing stopping women taking over the world is that they all secretly hate each other is very true

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