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The war on Christianity and the public sector’s prostitution to Islam continues apace..

“A foster mother has been struck off by a council after a teenage Muslim girl in her care became —- OH MY GOD —- a Christian.

The carer, who has ten years’ experience and has looked after more than 80 children, said she was ‘devastated’ by the decision. ‘This is my life,’ she revealed. ‘It is not just a job for me. It is a vocation. I love what I do. It is also my entire income. I am a single carer, so that is all I have to live on.’

The foster mother said she had recently bought a larger car and had been renting a farmhouse, with a pony in a field, so that she could provide more disadvantaged children with a new life. ‘That was always my dream and then suddenly, bang, it was gone. I am now in a one-bedroom flat,’ she added. The girl is understood to be back with members of her family, who have not been told of her conversion. A second girl the woman was fostering has been moved to another carer. The woman insisted that, although she was a Christian, she had put no pressure on the Muslim girl, who was 16 at the time, to be baptised. But council officials allegedly accused her of failing to ‘respect and preserve’ the child’s faith and tried to persuade the girl to reconsider her decision.

Far too many local uk Councils are now institutionally dhimmified, so scared that they offend Muslims that they will gleefully punish those, such as this lady, who seek to offer hope to disadvantaged children. It’s Islam uber alles and it’s truly risible.

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7 thoughts on “ISLAM UBER ALLES…

  1. I am reading ‘Daughter’s of Shame’ by Jasvinder Sanghera. It is harrowing but what I find really depressing is that fact that I was also an anti-racist at a time when Muslim, and other Asian girls, were being in wholesale fashion by their own families.

  2. Maybe I missed the word ‘murdered’ by accident or maybe I could not write it down, either way, the last sentence should read:

    ‘were being killed in wholesale fashion…’

    I really should proofread more but I usually only add a comment when I’m upset about something.

    It should also be..’the fact that..’

  3. Imagine the reaction from the Daily Hitler if it were the other way around.

    Nice to see though that when she used the payments to buy herself a new car it was the kids she was thinking of.

  4. Bad, bad decision and I sincerely hope she sues the pants off the council.

    I doubt whether the girl chose Islam. Now she chooses her religion when old enough to make up her own mind and her carer gets the blame. It’s not on.

  5. Can you imagine this reaction from the council if the religions were reversed, i.e. if a christian girl with an islamic foster mother had converted to Islam? I somehow doubt if any consequences would have followed for the foster mother.

  6. "Nice to see though that when she used the payments to buy herself a new car "

    First of all you didn’t see that, it said she bought a larger car not a new one, you made that up. Secondly can you honestly not work out why someone fostering lots of children might require a large car?

    Do you think bus drivers are just being greedy for driving such vehicles rather than using a Robin Reliant?

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