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bombs? nah, just dummies for demonstrations!

By ATWadmin On February 10th, 2009

Lying half-snoozing in my bed this morning, listening idly to the usual biased outpourings from the BBC when incredibly I heard John Simpson, reporting from Teheran, state that not only was Iran a happy country, it was self-evident that the Iranian population had little or no interest in enmity with Israel. That is obviously his own belief, but I seem to recall times without number watching the Iranian mobs chanting ‘death to Israel’ and wonder if we; that is Mr. Simpson and myself are actually on the same universe, never mind planet!

He said that Iran was a great power in historical times, and wanted to be great again; but that the Iranians believed that the greatness stemmed from the posession of missiles, satellites and nuclear technology. No mention of the threats to actually use such weaponry against Israel, or indeed against the ‘Great Satan’ of America, whose new President has so winsomely offered an open hand if the opposing fist was unclenched! No mention of the sullen population forever restive under a repressive theocratic regime headed by a bunch of mysoginistic mullahs who preached hatred on so many levels that one loses count. No mention of the millions poured by the Iranian Revolutionary Council into the munitions, rockets and weaponry held by Hezbollah, or the Grad missiles held and fired by Hamas.

Equally silent was our Mr. Simpson on the dire straights of the Iranian economy, stagnating because of the lack of investment; or the lack of decent hospitals, schooling without the black hand of the Ayatollahs laid heavily across the curriculum, or equally the lack of skilled young people to take up employment opportunities when they do appear. Islamic studies and the Koran carry little weight when the need appears for engineers, or scientists, and an ability to memorise whole passages of some holy book don’t equip a youngster for life in a technological world. Ask any immigrant from Iran why they left, and almost without exception the reply is that there is opportunity and knowledge in the outside world which just cannot exist inside their own country.

I have watched John Simpson as he pontificated across large portions of this world, and I am convinced that he is equipped with rose-tinted contact lenses, so he can forever see things in his own happy-tinted world, whilst ignoring the realities just outside the blinds which actually reside within his mind. It must truly be wonderful to always know that you are right, and that unlike the rest of we mere mortals, you can never be wrong!


3 Responses to “bombs? nah, just dummies for demonstrations!”

  1. that is Mr. Simpson and myself are actually on the same universe, never mind planet!

    Id suggest you are probably in a different universe to most of the rest of the human race.

  2. "[I] wonder if we; that is Mr. Simpson and myself are actually on the same universe, never mind planet!"

    I’ve often wondered that.

  3. Simpson might be right in one regard. There is a huge proportion of Iranian society who are young who until recently consumed a lot of western material on TV and the internet and see the economic problems and lack of services and so there is potential for unrest directed against the regime. Iran also has the highest proportion of its population of any other country addicted to drugs. As for the protests I imagine it is quite easy for the state to gather some rowdy supporters to denounce Israel just as Hussein did in Iraq. I can’t tell how anti-Israeli the general populace are.