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Up to a fifth of patients with Covid-19 in several hospitals contracted the disease over the course of the pandemic while already being treated there for another illness, NHS bosses have told senior doctors and nurses.

Between infecting patients in hospital for non Chinese-related conditions, and sending infected pensioners into care homes, the NHS is responsible for an awful lot of Covid-19 cases in the UK. National numbers of infections and deaths are high, but it’s increasingly clear that most of us were at little risk if we didn’t step into a hospital.

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5 thoughts on “CLAP THAT

  1. It was a government decision to close the NHS and decant thousands of elderly patients into care homes without testing. The government has so far refused to accept that it got anything wrong when it is obvious that it has got many things wrong. I have stopped listening to the daily 5pm propaganda session because of the shameless lies and dodging of awkward questions. Johnson’s “broadcast to the nation” last Sunday was a disgrace for its total lack of contrition.

  2. The same criticism can be made of Cuomo here

    But Pete demolishes his whatever good criticism he might have made with the ” Johnny One Note ” condemnation of the NHS every time, with or without merit

  3. Peter –

    It was an NHS decision. It has had total autonomy since the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The government might have known and gone along with it, but it was an NHS decision.

    The government has got a lot of things wrong, but this is not the government’s fault.

  4. Hospitals have always been places where patients pick up other infections regardless of whether they are public or private. It isn’t ideology that causes the inevitable vulnerability to infections . It has always been a risk for people who are already ill and weak and have compromised immune systems. The procedure of operational surgery itself always increases the risk. It isn’t and never has been unique to the UK NHS.

  5. It has had total autonomy since the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

    So What’s Hancock’s job then, to rubber stamp? He should be just about up to that, on a good day.

    One of the most outrageous daily lies concerns testing. The figure of “120,000 tests in the past 24 hours” could mean that as few as 60,000 people were actually tested, becaust it includes “tests posted out” and re-tests of the same individual. Goebbels would be proud of this lot.

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