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It has long been a complaint of many members of the indigenous population of Great Britain that ‘Immigrants’ do not assimilate, but in fact this observation is usually levelled at those who have streamed, sidled and slunk out of Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan into our easy-going country. Once here, they tend to huddle together in ghettoes of their own making, exhibiting the reverse-xenophobia which stems from both their common muslim religion, and their common dislike of most of the inhabitants of the country which has (reluctantly) given them shelter, benefits, transport and a loud platform from which to denigrate their hosts.


But it can now be seen that at least in one instance, a couple of incoming clowns have equalled in ferocity, if not actually drawn ahead, of the native-born savages who perpetrated this particular abomination.


Can this be said to be proof of migrant assimilation, or just a tragic, savage, random anomaly?


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17 thoughts on “true gains in assimilation

  1. Mike:

    Absolutely appalling. If you read the details in the Huddersfield Examiner it would break your heart.

    BTW you must have more info than I have. I can find no evidence that the two are not "native born".

  2. They should all of course receive the death penalty, after a lengthy jail term contemplating it. Unless anyone would like to pretend they are not guilty? Or argue they are even ‘human’ worthy of any effing rights?

  3. I don’t think that this type of thing – extreme violence against very young children, or those just older than that- is in any way peculiar to Britain, or to those who have moved there.

    I’ve heard of similar enough things in New York, and in other places throughout America too. As committed by whites, blacks, by the uneducated, and by the educated and well off.

    I imagine that in many parts of the world the incidents are covered up.

    At least you ( and we ) have a press to scream it to the attention of the public.

  4. Phantom:

    Poor little Lisa. I sometimes think as Noel does that kids like this are better off dead. But then I read about the exceptional child who survived against the odds and went on to astonish the world.

  5. The Lisa Steinberg story was front page news here for a long time. It was just so horrible, and has never been forgotten.

    Bad parents – or other guardians – can be very good at hiding these situations, and the natural inclination of the somewhat older child is often to side with the parent out of shame or misplaced loyalty.

    Sad to say, I think that the number of known cases is a fraction of all cases, and I don’t think it’s anything new either.

  6. Phantom:

    Another sad aspect is that many survivors of such abuse are indelibly brutalised by it and will brutalise other innocents in later life. Or commit suicide, which could account for increasing number of suicides among teenagers in Ireland.

  7. Mike:

    You didn’t answer my question at 5.09pm: are those two killers non-natives?

    I’d hate to think you were using the horrific death of a child as a vehicle for your racial and religious prejudices. That would be awfully low, n’est-ce pas?

  8. One wonders how these children could have have had any comcept of their worth on indeed what normal bonds there should be between parents and children and how kids who survive ever establish this.

  9. Irish Barry –

    My guess is that they were born here. The mother is 21 and unmarried, her ‘partner’, as the BBC puts it, wasn’t the natural father.

    If one or both were Paki/Bangla immigrants this would have been a highly unlikely domestic arrangement.

    From just the photo on the BBC page, the mother seems … less than bright. Either she’s been dulled by substances or she’s getting on for mental deficiencies.

    The fella seems bright as a button, nothing lacking there. I agree with Alison at least as far as he’s concerned. There’s no good reason in my view why his execution would not be just.

  10. I don’t think there is any need at all to make observations on racial or religious origins when referring to sick events like these. The tone of Mike’s post was utterly irrelevent.

  11. Pete:

    "My guess is that they were born here."

    That was my guess too. I simply felt that Mike was stoking the fires a bit. I could be wrong—maybe he knows more than we do.

    I only wish he’d blogged this as being (yet) another Baby P and not have to file it under "Immigration". It seemed to me that it was just Mike being Mike and I don’t think that’s right in the circumstances.

    As The Phantom says this type of hideous savagery occurs everywhere, even among the white middle-class Christians of the USA.

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