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AG Barr

By Patrick Van Roy On June 10th, 2020

Attorney General William Barr joined Bret Baier for an exclusive two-part interview. In the interview, Barr covered everything from red flags in the Russia investigation, growing unrest amid protests, potential new police reforms and much more. Watch the interviews

16 Responses to “AG Barr”

  1. Some may well disagree, but, from the man behind those two revealing videos, I would simply state that President Trump knows how to pick them.

  2. Just ask Jeff Sessions.

  3. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before Barr disagrees with Trump about something, and when he is no longer in post Trump will say ” He was never really my choice, I never liked him , he’s weak and fake and in fact I never really knew him…

    Its the same thing Trump says about all other ex-members of his cabinet 🙂

  4. AG Barris the very definition of a lick spittle

  5. By the way how does turnip convince so many people to throw away there reputations

  6. Barr’s reputation is untouchable. After Sessions he was picked for that very reason, he has already on several occasions told Trump to shut up, so you can file your wish of him being pushed out for it with your copy of gone with the wind.

    Barr’s goals are not concerned with the Presidency, they are focused on the integrity or lack there of at Justice.

  7. Yeah Patrick, You believe that, and you’ll believe anything..:)

  8. I do believe it.

  9. He is there to serve his President’s bidding, like all AGs.

  10. Barr’s reputation is untouchable

    ROFL, you really are a GOP cultist Patrick, no mistake.

    Barr is easily the worst AG ever and a total disgrace to the office, just like his current boss. Here are three examplse of him perverting the legal process to serve his political masters: Iran-Contra, Oliver Stone and mIchael Flynn:

    “In late 1992, Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh, who had been chosen to investigate the Iran–Contra affair, found documents in the possession of Reagan’s former defense secretary, Caspar Weinberger, which Walsh said was “evidence of a conspiracy among the highest-ranking Reagan Administration officials to lie to Congress and the American public.”[56][57] Weinberger was set to stand trial on felony charges on January 5, 1993.[56][58] His “indictment said Mr. Weinberger’s notes contradicted Mr. Bush’s assertions that he had only a fragmentary knowledge of the arms secretly sold to Iran in 1985 and 1986 in exchange for American hostages in Lebanon.”[58][57][59] According to Walsh, then-president Bush might have been called as a witness.[60]

    On December 24, 1992, during his final month in office, Bush, on the advice of Barr, pardoned Weinberger,[17][61] along with five other administration officials who had been found guilty on charges relating to the Iran–Contra affair.[17][62][63][56] Barr was consulted extensively regarding the pardons, and especially advocated for pardoning Weinberger….

    In February 2020, President Trump directly referenced Barr in the Justice Department’s intercession in recommending a lighter sentence for Trump’s associate and old friend Roger Stone. Trump’s tweet stated: “Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought.” Initially, four career prosecutors had recommended that Stone serve a jail term of between seven to nine years. A Trump tweet followed: “Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!” – after which the Department recommended an unspecified jail term. The Department claimed that this later decision was made without consulting the White House. The prosecutors resigned from the case as a result, with one choosing to leave the Department.[160][161] Barr affirmed that he had made the decision in the Stone case to change the sentencing memo. Barr said Trump had not asked him to step in…

    Additionally in February 2020, Barr declared that there would be a review of the criminal case of Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor to Trump, who had pled guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his contacts with a Russian ambassador. Flynn later attempted to withdraw his guilty plea, and had not been sentenced yet.[170][171] Barr chose St. Louis’ chief federal prosecutor, Jeffrey Jensen, to conduct the review. Jensen himself was nominated by Trump for the St. Louis position.[171] Trump had publicly called for the charges to be dropped against Flynn. In late April or early May, Jensen recommended to Barr that the charges be dropped.[172] The Justice Department announced in May 2020 that the charges against Flynn would be dropped…”


  11. No he’s there to serve The Law.

    Peter that’s koolaid….. stop drinking it you’ll think better.

  12. Did he explain his connection with Jeffrey Epstein?

  13. lol

  14. Peter that’s koolaid

    No, you’re not getting away with that.

    Point out anything in my post that is factually incorrect about Barr’s record.

  15. PVR

    Do you know the connection or not? It is not a lol matter. It is a character matter.

  16. Barr and Epstein? Surely not. Next up they’ll be saying that sleazy Trump was an Epstein buddy.

    Oh wait…