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Things that need to be said that you don’t want to hear…..

By Patrick Van Roy On June 11th, 2020

A word from the Police

Patrick Underwood’s Sister of the federal law enforcement officer who was Assassinated by rioters in Oakland testifies before Congress

12 Responses to “Things that need to be said that you don’t want to hear…..”

  1. Chastise them for they need to see……

    Curiosity. I am told that I get different information, from different sources. And because my information is different it is wrong.

    My information is rarely wrong, My perspective is rarely wrong. It is rarely wrong because unlike the majority of people all people….. I read, watch and Listen to all sides, not just the ones I agree with. I seek out the views that make me “feel” uncomfortable.

    I then weigh all of it against the value system under which I was raised.

    Besides my moral and intellectual superiority what makes be better than….. is the willingness to listen.

    I laid down a challenge to 3 of you, not surprisingly to no avail.

    I lay it down to you all.

    Watch the two videos above and talk about the effects of the riots on them.

  2. Thank you gentlemen and ladies for proving my point.

    Not one of you has an ounce of integrity and will treated as such.

  3. How about you make an argument instead of posting yet another video?

  4. Patrick

    I posted on another thread why these videos would not be viewed. You put people off with the patronising and insulting heading . Remove the smug superior lecturing title and people might engage.

  5. How about you stop making excuses why you can’t watch or read something that doesn’t meet with your mental degeneracy.

    No Colm they won’t be watched because you’re brainless sheep who are not interested in the otherside of the argument on any issue.

    If it doesn’t tell the narrative that you have been brainwashed into believing you (not personally Colm) dismiss it as propaganda. Facts don’t matter, others views don’t matter.

    The majority of the people that comment here are no different than the BLM Mob.

    Your views are the only views that count everything else is a Lie and everyone that has a different view are Liars.

    As far as I’m concerned there isn’t one of you whose opinions is worth listening to or given any weight of consideration.

    Why bother, none of you are interested in any view but your own and shove your heads up your asses when anything that challenges that view is presented.

    The Troll will not comeback, but none of you will be shown quarter on any issue.

  6. Patrick.

    Not even one of us?

    And you accuse others of not taking any notice of threads, posts, and others points of view, from your side of the pond and ours.

  7. Patrick

    When you put up a post telling people it contains things they don’t want to hear it makes people think, well if I am going to be accused of ignorance in advance why should I bother..

    Its like an e mail I read recently from a black rights activist directed at white people in her workplace which was addressed in a manner of telling them to “be quiet and listen and I am going to educate you on your racism and ignorance… and them went on to list a number of anti-racist books by black authors white people need to read. I imagine the white people that email was addressed to (including me) were really encouraged by the way she spoke to them in the message. ”

    If you simply titles your post “Hear The pain from the other side” or something like that, it would be a better invitation than an insult.

  8. No…… The Title of the post is the truth….. and the lack of comments even after asking 3 of you to specifically comment on these two videos.

    The majority of the People on this site from both sides of the pond are ignorant narrow minded fools, that believe everything the read in the Propaganda outlets that spew and spin events to match the idiot view of the world.

    None of you have any credibility.

    Not because of lack of intelligence or because of your political beliefs.

    Simply because just like Antifa, BLM, and Communists none of you are even willing to give a listen to anyone that may say something that you disagree with.

    Like a Bunch of Cops complain about ALL being lumped together as bad apples. There is no difference in that than calling every black person a Ni**er.

    You cry and pull your hair out over a criminal being killed while being arrested. Yet you have no time to listen to woman whose Brother was ASSASSINATED simply because him and his Partner were in uniform. A van pulled up the doors opened and the unloaded 100s of bullets at 2 Black men, killing one and crippling the other, but that’s ok they’re scum their cops.

    I am a fixture of this site. As long as it exists and I am alive I will be here.

    No Prisoners, no mercy, no courtesy.

    Make all the excuses you want, cry to David all you want. No quarter will be shown by me to anyone regardless of your metrosexual weenie feelings.

  9. Patrick

    I will do a deal with you. Change the title and I at least promise to view the videos and comment on them !

  10. I’m not going to change anything.

    I don’t APPEASE the Mob.

  11. I’m not much of a mob. It’s just little ol me asking 😉

  12. “Make all the excuses you want, cry to David all you want. No quarter will be shown by me to anyone regardless of your metrosexual weenie feelings.”

    You are the one losing the plot because people can’t be bothered watching the 1000th video you’ve put up in the last month. And then complain about people’s “weenie feelings”?