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Peaceful Protest

By Patrick Van Roy On June 16th, 2020

23 Responses to “Peaceful Protest”

  1. This is a disgusting crime.

    I am familiar with that Shake shack, I’ve eaten there.

    It is on the second floor of the Fulton transit center, a building that opened in 2014, it’s Main purpose is easier connection between various subway lines and the World Trade Center.

    This type of thing has happened to police officers at coffee and fast food places around the country.

    These types of businesses do not attract the best and the brightest. I stopped going to this shake shack, because the service was incredibly slow, The employees disinterested. They can’t be replaced by automation soon enough.

    I wish those police officers well.

    This really, really sucks.


  2. https://www.shakeshack.com/location/fulton-center-nyc/

  3. https://iwaspoisoned.com/tag/shake-shack

    Believe it or not, there are multiple reports of these things happening – very bad good or drink – to the general public

  4. poisoning is wrong and evil, reply eveil with good
    let good people buy officers free coffee –
    let officers set up a stall and give out free coffee
    film that and put on social media
    that will shame those who would do just a wicked thing.

  5. According to the Chief of NYPD Detectives the NYPD’s investigation determined that there was no criminality by Shake Shack’s employees. Suggests either the officers (or unions) made it up or there is a more innocent explanation of it all (wasn’t bleach but was off milk etc…).

  6. If and when these things happen they are absolutely despicable but as Seamus points out, such claims really need to be verified before being promoted because it backfires badly on genuine incidents if false ones are broadcast. If anyone put bleach in these drinks they should be jailed and for a long time, and if anyone in the police KNOWINGLY invented the story to elicite sympathy they should be sacked.

  7. Suggests either the officers (or unions) made it up

    I was quite surprised at such allegations until I remembered the allegations of unscrupulousness etc that the US police unions have previously been criticised for on ATW.

  8. These two unions are infamous for exaggerated claims, and in these times it appears they won’t be stopping that practice any time soon.

  9. not being able to charge anyone criminally is NOT saying that it did not occur. It says that there is no way to criminally connect it to any individual.

    The cops had bleach poured in there shakes by an employee of the Shake shack. Which employee they don’t know and without forensic evidence such as fingerprints or film there is no way to charge.

    As for Police Unions….. they should be illegal along with teacher unions.

  10. That appears to be untrue.

    Pouring bleach into someone’s drink is a criminal act in anyone’s book

  11. No, it means no criminal act was performed. No criminality involved.

  12. Both unions have now acknowledged there was no intentional act. One day Patrick might too.

  13. I am glad that it was not an intentional act

    But if shake shack served disgusting food and drink that doesn’t reflect well upon them in any event

  14. Maybe there was some accidental bleach left in the drinks and it was noticed because the cops thought the taste had improved 🙂

  15. This type of thing again has happened before with food and drink companies.

    Usually, carelessness is the cause


  16. moral of the story then , hold back till the facts come out
    sounds like certain quarters are desperate for a counter narrative
    hope the cops have been released from hospital

  17. They have. I’m sure Pat is too busy gladly compiling his list of Democrat Governors and Mayors who supported looters to correct this right away….

  18. Not being able to charge anyone criminally is NOT saying that it did not occur. It says that there is no way to criminally connect it to any individual

    Does that also apply to fraudulent embezzlement of monies from supposedly charitable foundations?

  19. Or Russian collusion?

  20. If there was any evidence of intentional tampering, the PBA would not have backed down on this.

  21. https://nypost.com/2020/06/16/minneapolis-pd-arson-suspect-idd-through-security-cameras-snapchat/

    The long arm of the law gets one of these bastards

  22. very nice

  23. Long arm of the law strikes again

    God bless the detectives who are doing this skilled work