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The Politics of Hate

By Patrick Van Roy On June 17th, 2020

Currently in his 14th term as a congressman, that’s 24yrs Congressman James Clyburn is a poster child for Term Limits and a definite example of the Politics of Hate. President Trump signed a bill funding Black Colleges FOREVER. Jared Kushner pushed it through and got it finished. However to the esteemed Congressman Clyburn they did NOTHING he and another term limit poster child had been working on it forever…… which is the point this idiot just can’t see……


7 Responses to “The Politics of Hate”

  1. which is the point this idiot just can’t see

    that’s the politics of hate

    He was simply rebutting points out to him .. I know you’re not used to tough questions
    on fox news pat, but this is how the real world operates ..
    get used to it buddy , the unbrainwashed like a tough interview, we’re not snowflakes on the left, that’s the rights preserve ..

  2. If you watched the clip you’d understand why I say the politics of hate.

  3. He’s negative, ignorant and argumentative here.

    And he thinks that police departments all “ started as slave patrols “ . Oh.

    Highly unimpressive.

  4. His anger and bile just oozes out

  5. One of the problems with dealing with race issues and all the current emotive nature of the issue that has magnified itself onto the public domain since the George Floyd killing is a defensiveness and beligerance from some activists that critics (especially white people) are reluctant to highlight or contradict. Hyped up, false or exaggerated claims of racism are left unchallenged and serious debate and analysis cannot be heard. This man seems to be an example of the extremity that undermines the genuine issues that should be aired and resolved.

  6. The fox reporter was treating him with respect, And I didn’t see too much respect in return

  7. One example of what I mean was at a press conference given by the family of Rayshard Brooks I saw yesterday . The lawyer representing the family made a claim that “everyone is fine with the white anti-lockdown protesters and nobody criticises their protests but as soon as black people protest police killings that is not fine and is condemned” and I thought that is ridiculous and false but nobody picked him up on that because of the emotion of the event and the undeniable fact that any – particularly white – journalist who pulled him up would probably have been accused of “white privilege” or “attacking a grieving family”.