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By Pete Moore On July 3rd, 2020

Wine and The Little Mermaid are racist today.

Carry on.

13 Responses to “WHAT’S RACIST TODAY?”

  1. passions still running high, that is good, but better to channel that into something positive, i think i can confidently predict that the days of the Right dividing us are over .
    sorry petem you lose

    Evicence? We’re seeing that borne out by the political races that are going on in the USA
    one example, a few weeks ago I pegged Trump to get under 200 electoral college votes at 9/4
    now the odds have shortened to 11/8 . that’s close on halved in 3 weeks.

    Biden to get 400 + is 10/3 and is a nice lil punt, chances to treble your money

  2. What is wrong with the two cases shown by Pete here

  3. Good catch Pete. The statue wars are hotting up in the USA:

    “To see how deranged the neo-Maoist war on statues and history has become, consider this. What started as an attack on statues of slavers, including Edward Colston in Bristol in England and various Confederate monuments in the US, has ended with fury against a statue commemorating the end of slavery and which was paid for by freed slaves…”


  4. I give Trump and Barr credit for siccing the full force of the law on the statue criminals.

  5. shoot that’s all….. slow day for the cancel crowd.

  6. To paraphrase Marlon Brando in “The wild one” –

    “What racist symbol are you rebelling against today ? ”

    “What do ya got ? “

  7. Have you ever noticed how concrete roads and pavements all seem to be white…..and those fluffy clouds…white again……it’s waycist everything everywhere is waycist..wah wah wah…

  8. On MSNBC just now, a guest said“ Thank goodness for the looters “.

    And he was not challenged by the host.

  9. What began as as a campaign highlighting racial injustice and police brutality has morphed into absolute lunacy:


  10. Yep

  11. How can the little mermaid be racist? she’s got a black boyfriend.


  12. Its possible the attack on the little mermaid could be satirical or a counter-protest to mock the current ‘racist’ trend ?

  13. That thought crossed my mind too, Colm.