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By Pete Moore On July 7th, 2020

Philip Russell, 28, was killed while en route to work on 7 July 2005, when the bus he was on exploded.
The bus didn’t explode. The bomb taken onto the bus by a muslim exploded.
Defund the BBC.

8 Responses to “THEY CANNOT HELP IT”

  1. pisspoor attempt at dragging up old hatreds and divisons . Its a lie too of course

    in the piece the BBC made no attempt to disguise the identity of the bomber

    7/7 London bombings: Victim Philip Russell remembered by his father

    …Instead he got on the number 30 bus,
    where at 09:47 BST Hasib Hussain detonated his device and killed 13 people..

    Pathetic petem

  2. Desperate !

  3. The headline is the most weighty line of any piece, but of course you didn’t know that. How it can be a lie to reproduce that misleading, propagandistic headline, only the space between your ears will ever know.

  4. Really semantic barrel scraping.

    Anyone complaining of the wording of this should maybe bother their arse to read the full article.

  5. Pete can not help it.

  6. Actually I was wrong with my ‘Desperate’ comment. Pete knows exactly what he is doing. He has a wry gin on his face as he reads the comments on this completely unserious post.

  7. Oops, I mean grin, although who knows what’s in his glass this evening 🙂

  8. That’ll be the bombings that in another post you said media have completely ignored.