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Just insanity

By Patrick Van Roy On July 10th, 2020

Here is the Philly head of BLM and how the NEW Policing will work.


Here is the Reality of the Philly Streets


5 Responses to “Just insanity”

  1. So there is no evidence the cops are making any difference to crime rates or keeping the place safe .Might as well try the BLM spokesman idea . If it works good luck to Philly.

  2. wow……

  3. An 8 your old girl was shot by black rioters in Atlanta at one of their illegal roadblocks. I believe two others that same night near the location. The black Mayor of Atlanta denounced the killings which obviously happened in the withdrawal of the police from the area.

  4. I didn’t know Philly was in Atlanta , my bad

  5. kurt

    Its not rocket science. Withdrawal of police and just as importantly police gathering intelligence from areas with high levels of gang related conflict will inevitably lead to more violent attacks and the loss of largely Black lives. Does that matter to the BLM movement ?