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A Splendid Tribute

By ATWadmin On February 24th, 2009

I ALWAYS LIKED The Queen Mother. She had great spirit, a joy of life (mostly fuelled by gin), for animals too and you always thought she was on our side. A great old dear all round.

The Queen unveiled today a statue in tribute to her close to the statue of George VI, her husband, on The Mall. Standing in her garter robes, she’s flanked by two bronze reliefs which depict her during the Second World War.

The Royal Family defied Foreign Office advice and remained in London during the Nazi German Blitz. The centrepiece depicts the Queen holding her hand out to a child as she and the king meet families made homeless by bombing raids. Even the bombing of Buckingham Palace did not dissuade her from staying in the capital. She famously said at the time: “I’m glad we’ve been bombed. It makes me feel I can look the East End in the face.”

A magnificent tribute from Philip Jackson, I’m sure you agree. I’ll nip into town this Saturday morning and look her up myself.


17 Responses to “A Splendid Tribute”

  1. A great addition to London.

  2. I walked past it this evening. One of the sculpted images of her in this frieze (not the main statue) is terrible . A really awful cheesy smile on the face. The statue is fine but the reliefs are quite tacky.

  3. I’m jealous of your walk home Colm!

  4. Charles

    And I’m jealous of your big wide open spaces and the fact that if you cross that ridge just behind the river you can see Daphne !

  5. "The Royal Family defied Foreign Office advice and remained in London during the Nazi German Blitz."

    They made sure they were seen during the day. Come the night time they scarpered off back to windsor.

  6. Jimmy

    Surely that makes them even braver, dodging those night bombs as they head through North London….

  7. I think they were well clear before nightfall. Still it must have been a difficult time to be a member of a family of right wing Germans.

  8. Jimmy – Most times I’ll agree with you on the silliness of the modern Royal family, but they were quite gutsy during the Blitz and an inspiration for their subjects.

  9. Jimmy,

    You really are a no-nothing, nasty, spiteful fool!.

    I lived through the Blitz as a child, and my first sight of a ‘Royal’ was seeing King George VI and the Queen Mother, walking around, helping and giving much comfort to the the survivors of the latest raid.

    This was at dawn, so hardly much time for a trip from Windsor, as you suggested.

    Even if they did retire to Windsor, it was still near enough to London to still be in harm’s way, and in doing so probably would have been a much easier target for bombing.

    At a later date, I often saw them handing out mugs of tea, all without any pomp or ceremony, a far cry from the stage managed excursions of today’s Leaders and celebs to scenes of disaster.

    Both she, and King George, were genuinely and spontaneously, much loved and admired by Londoners. They most certainly earned their place in the history books, along with Churchill and our other heroes of that era.

    So be advised scumbag, – on this subject, and on a British blog, keep your syphylitic opinions to yourself.

  10. But the "inspiration" such as it was, was a con. When the bombs were falling they weren’t in London any more than they were living off the standard ration. they just pretended they were for propaganda purposes. As for Bowes-Lyon, it’s far from clear which side she was on. At best she was an appeaser.

  11. "a far cry from the stage managed excursions of today’s Leaders and celebs to scenes of disaster. "

    In what way?

  12. Jimmy,

    Don’t you approve of the Belfast Agreement? If so, then I guess you are well qualified to talk of gutless immoral appeasement.


    Wonderful tribute to a great Lady.

  13. no-nothing

    Should not that be "know-nothing"?

    I am sure that among a certain generation the Queen Mother was greatly admired and her contribution during the war much appreciated. I am not sure that that admiration has filtered through to later generations.

  14. She seemed like a pretty nice lady with a strong sense of civic duty.

  15. Nice? She had two nieces locked up in the funny farm while the family pretended they were dead.

  16. You seem as curiously obsessed with her as you do with ATW Jimmy. It’s a post about a statue. Get over it.

  17. Jaz,

    Of course it should be ‘know nothing’. Thank you for your nit-picking pedantry! Do you never make a mistake?…