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By Pete Moore On September 11th, 2020

“A hospital has “apologised unreservedly” to grieving families following the deaths of 31 patients who had contracted Covid-19 on its wards.”

Well done to the Weston General Hospital in Somerset. That’s how you free up beds in case Wuhan Flu victims need them.

One NHS hospital, 31 deaths.

We’d have New Zealand-type numbers without the NHS killing everyone who gets wheeled into it.

One Response to ““APPLAUSE””

  1. We are still waiting for an apology from the Jonhson-Cummings regime for their appalling mismanagement of this pandemic. But “never explain, never apologise” is clearly their motto. Hapless Hancock is obviously going to be their fall-guy, but in the meantime the strategy is to blame the NHS and the civil servants and the scientists. It can never be the government’s fault, not ever, not even once. They have played a blinder.