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Cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry has admitted that right-wingers are “friendlier and more open” than the left. Of course.

Grayson Perry says that left-wing people have a “tribal culture” that encourages feeling guilty and are less “friendly” than their right-wing counterparts.

The Turner Prize-winning artist, who has cross-dressed throughout his career, is the presenter of Channel 4 series Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip, which explores the cultural divide in Trump’s America […]

“The left is more venal and has more antipathy to the opposition than the other way round,” Perry said. “I would say the right on average are friendlier and more open.”

The 60-year-old said that many middle class people on the left are taught to feel guilty about their privilege, adding: “It’s all part of the tribal culture to be guilty – we do guilty in the same way that the Japanese do shame.”

Of course there are many reasons why right-wingers are more friendly, open, welcoming and tolerant compared to filthy leftists. One prime reason is that the right accepts human nature and the world as it is, whereas leftists are driven by feelz and emotion. It gives them an enormous sense of moral superiority. Ergo they think that anyone who disagrees with them is automatically a bad person who can be treated badly. There are other reasons but we are at the root here.

Just imagine, a cross-dressing artist goes deep into the heart of Trump country and says that the right is more friendly. I can’t wait for the full BBC follow up of this cultural bombshell.

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  1. Pete, you missed off part of your title mate. I fixed it for you below:


  2. Of course there are many reasons why right-wingers are more friendly, open, welcoming and tolerant compared to filthy leftists.

    Great trolling Pete, fair dues.

  3. I tend to fight with both the right and the left, for different reasons.

    In my personal experience, those on the right are often cheerier and much more willing to to argue a point, and not to storm away in high dudgeon the way that I’ve seen Democrats do.

    Not true all the time, but true enough.

    Bill Maher and Joe Rogan, no friends of Trump or of US Republicans, have spoken at length on this.

    So Pete has a point.

  4. Phantom

    Your personal experience isn’t actual evidence mate.

    But if you want to use personal experience, what about your personal experience on a ATW? Most of the so-called lefties on here are happy to argue a point. Were as those on the right, such as Pete, hardly ever engage in useful discussion.

  5. There is a more censorious and intolerantly righteous attitude among many on the left undoubtedly but it has to be said there is also the angry “political correctness gone mad” element on the right that foams at any sort of real political actions designed to deal with various forms of discrimination. However the more censorious ‘cancel culture’ promoting social justice warrior types on the left simply wouldn’t engage with blogs like ATW.

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