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“At this late stage I can see no other way forward but to call for a Marshall-like plan for nature, people and the planet,” he added, in reference to the massive US-backed programme to rebuild a shattered Europe after the second world war. We must now put ourselves on a warlike footing, approaching our action from the perspective of a military-style campaign,” said Charles, warning that the world had been “pushed beyond its planetary boundaries”, only for the crisis to long be “decried, denigrated and denied” by those in power.

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26 thoughts on “Open your wallets

  1. The concept of a Marshall Plan type international plan to convert to greener, cleaner and more efficient technology isn’t all bad in my books.

    There is a tendency to mock all such thoughts and proposals. Not by me.

    This type of thing should be considered.

  2. Ultimately the western world is already trending in that direction. Western Europe (and a sane America) will likely be carbon neutral in the next number of decades. However for pretty much every tonne of carbon we are taken out developing economies are putting a tonne back in. And it would be wrong, counter productive and just down-right hypocritical for Britain, Germany, America etc… who built huge amounts of wealth for themselves by pumping unprecedented levels of greenhouse gases into the air to now say to developing countries that they can’t do it. They only way we can get them onboard is with incentives.

  3. And incentives that involve selling or providing clean gear from donor nations can be a win/win/win

    On matters like this, it’s one water system, one air system, each country does not have it’s own.

    If say Mexico and Canada become dramatically cleaner tomorrow, the US gains, not just them.

  4. I see that Airbus is now turning to hydrogen-power to fuel its airliners. There are still major problems with storage batteries for such large power requirements, but hydrogen is also sound for the environment.

  5. This is exciting stuff.

    A work friend visited GM once and got to drive a test car powered by hydrogen

    GM isn’t pursuing hydrogen any more, and are all in on electric going forward

  6. Climate Change is a fraud and they want to spend Trillions of others money enriching their friends.

  7. seamus ,pat is right, Trump spoke about emissions recently , going into details about some gases due to emerge, which weren’t that threatening, and wind is safe 😉

  8. The US Europe and Japan have greatly reduced water and other pollution, thanks to government regulation that has real teeth.

    The improvement in air quality and in water quality ( in NY harbor and in rivers in the US ) has been dramatic.

    But the usuals oppose ” burdensome government regulation “. If it was up to them, the waters would be much dirtier now.

    The good news is all around us, cleaner water, return of whales and seals, return of falcons, hawks and eagles, etc etc.



  9. No-one does hypocrisy like a eco-loon.

    Prince Charles has spent his life on airplanes, in helicopters and driving his vintage Aston Martins (plural). No lessons from him or from anyone who doesn’t understand economics.

    Thanks to capitalism and markets, the Western world is hurtling toward a cleaner, greener future at light speed.

  10. And regulation with teeth.

    It’s still cheaper to pollute in many cases than it is to take the steps that minimize pollution.

    ( I’ve given concrete examples on this here before )

  11. Prince Charles speaks wisdom.

    His opponents speak their usual bullshit, lying about climate change and shilling for fossil fuels as always.

  12. Patrick Van Roy,

    lol….. cultist.

    Accepting well proven and demonstrable science, doesn’t make me a cultist Patrick.

  13. The old Republicans used to have core principles.

    These days it’s ” Yes boss, whatever you say! “

  14. Climatology is snake oil salesmen selling rainmaker machines and you two were first in line….

    Phantom unlike you I have principals. They spent 4 years giving Trump a Legal Anal Exam, and the whole time I said and I meant if they find anything lock him up…..

    While you continue to defend the criminal activity of the Clintons and Obama.

    That’s the difference I have principals, you don’t.

  15. What ” criminal activity “?

    Besides the stuff that you and RushLevinHannitySavageJones made up?

  16. While you continue to defend the criminal activity of the Clintons and Obama

    How much Trump embezzlement monies did you try to excuse as an accounting error?

  17. Trump is sooo squeaky clean that he’s going to the Supreme Court to keep his tax returns secret. No wonder he wants that GOP SCOTUS judge nominated asap. It might just help to keep him out of jail next year.

  18. Trump is the perfect man for Patrick

    They both keep making stuff up, believing it to be true and throwing it out there, presenting the product of their imagination as Gospel, only this is the gospel as delivered by Jerry Falwell Jr.

  19. Phantom, on September 23rd, 2020 at 9:51 PM Said: Edit Comment
    What ” criminal activity “?

    rest my case…..

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