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Sit down and shut up

By Patrick Van Roy On October 13th, 2020

Even as the world wrestles with a pandemic and overbearing public health measures, some legislative bodies are taking the opportunity to tighten the screws on speech they don’t like. Several bills have passed, others are pending, and one was gutted by court review, but all represent new fronts in government efforts to impose censorship.

For free speech advocates, the luckiest break might have been the fate of a law passed by the French National Assembly in May. While existing requirements give companies 24 hours to take down content alleged by the government to glorify terrorist activity or to constitute child pornography, the new law would have changed that to one hour. In addition, online publishers would have been allowed a day to remove so-called “hate speech.”

“The same 24-hour obligation would have applied to content reported for violation of a law that criminalizes speech that promotes, glorifies, or engages in justification of sexual violence, war crimes, crimes against humanity, enslavement, or collaboration with the enemy; a law that criminalizes sexual harassment; and a law that bans pornography where it could be seen by a minor—among others,” reports Jacob Schulz at Lawfare. “The law did not carve out any exceptions; the 24-hour rule would have applied even in the case of technical difficulties or temporary surge in notifications.”

27 Responses to “Sit down and shut up”

  1. Just a few weeks before the US goes to vote and, of the 10 posts on the first page of ATW, not a single one about the imminent election.

    I wonder what could possibly be wrong?

  2. well you only have one pro-trump Writer on this site….. and he almost cut his finger off like an idiot……. so my self written posts have gone from a two finger typist to a one finger typist.

    Besides Noel you have already decided in your delusional mind who is going to win as have most of the people on here.

    The aftermath is when the fun will begin.

  3. How did you nearly cut off your finger

  4. As Noel brought up the election:

    Top US government scientist Anthony Fauci said holding big campaign rallies was “asking for trouble” as many states are battling an increase in coronavirus cases


    Is that the same Anthony Fauci who was deliberately misquoted in a Trump campaign ad?:


    Way to go, Donny.

  5. Fauci is the most valuable person in American public life, by a mile.

    He is working for a scatterbrain anti science, virus denying Aberdenian idiot, but through intellect and exceptional diplomatic skills, manages to stay in his position and manages to get the message out to the public.

    Listen to how carefully he speaks.

  6. I was trimming the hedges and the hedge clipper caught the fence and jumped. It hit my hand before it shut off and my index finger went right between the blades….. 32 stiches and a severed tendon…. a purely stupid accident.

  7. Ouch

  8. Sorry to hear that, Patrick.

    Sometimes a life-changing accident is only a nanosecond away.

  9. it was one of those things that was a freak accident that happened so fast it was over before began ……. hurts like hell…

  10. A friend of mine just broke her leg in two places in a ladder accident.

    She is in for a stint of rehab and slow recovery.

    Danger is indeed always lurking about.

  11. you just never know….

  12. Speaking of accidents.

    I’ve fallen from the bicycle a few times, I think that anyone who rides a bicycle or motorcycle has this happen to them.

    When falling, I always have precise recollection of each nanosecond while falling ( ” Uh oh, I am falling, halfway down now, can’t stop this, whack ” ) Pete, Petr, I imagine that you’ve taken a spill. Do you have similar recollections?

  13. thanks Noel

  14. the slow motion effect……..

  15. Far more vivid than most normal memories.

  16. Hedgetrimmer & ladder accidents…….way more dangerous than the Chynese Virus.


  17. You always know when someone’s talking utter shite, when they childishly put the word ‘fact’ at the end of their demonstrably false statement.

  18. Patrick. Thank goodness weren’t using a chainsaw to trim the hedge. 😁
    Get well soon.

  19. lol… thanks Dave

  20. Don’t do this


  21. I’ll pass…..

    ot a summary of Joe’s day yesterday…..

    24 hours in the life of Joe Biden

    To recap, he:

    Confused Ted Kennedy for Klansman Robert Byrd

    Said he was running for the Senate

    Forgot Mitt Romney’s name & called him “the Mormon”

    Said he was in Pennsylvania when he was in Ohio

    Directed voters to a nonexistent website

    The media insist he is storming ahead. 😂😂😂

  22. Phantom,


    I always double check the powers off, before I have sex with my lawnmower.

  23. lol

  24. Texas chainsaw massacre ofc is when that state turns blue .. chin up pat could have been your Weiner

    One for Paul and Phantom

    My father was a member of Antifa from 1942-45.Back then it was known as the US Army.

    Brilliant !

  25. Just a few weeks before the US goes to vote and, of the 10 posts on the first page of ATW, not a single one about the imminent election.

    yes Noel, clear as mud , the attempt to hide behind paranoid eyes !

    Shocking early voting turnout as the revolution against Donald Trump is underway

    Thrump must now win five toss-up states plus either Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, both of which are now considered “lean Democratic.”

    Is this the ROFLMAO hat pat has promised us, because I’m early on laughing already

    Tick -Tock 2 weeks left of working days to go (mon-fri) before the big night 🙂

  26. 32 stiches and a severed tendon

    Ouch! Get well soon.

    On the positive side you’ll not be able to metaphorically wag the finger at anyone for a while. Still, thumbs up!

    (I joke, I joke).

  27. paul I’m suprised at the level of gentrification in trailer parks
    hedge-trimming hmmn? how very fancy 😉
    one up on the neighbors is it ? keeping up with the jones’s don’t you know