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60 Minutes is a Sunday evening news program on CBS. It has been around since 1968, and still remains fresh, must see viewing.

Yesterday, Dr Fauci was interviewed.

He continues to give us the unvarnished truth, even when it varies with the White House narrative, which is half the time.

His life has been threatened. He has security now. And he continues not to sugar-coat anything.

I’m not listening to the politicians or bloggers on Covid. I will continue to listen to Dr. Fauci and to Dr. Osterholm.

Who are you listening to on this?

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24 thoughts on “The most trusted person in America

  1. hilarious pat, have you ever had your life threatened ?
    be like us posting “Lmao” the day after the election if petem posts news
    “Last night PVT blew his head off” after news of the election didn’t go his way
    a thread for mourning .. all you deserve is a string of commentators submitting
    LMFAO !!!

  2. I’m impressed by his intellect and by his courage.

    He is the most trusted figure in the country.

  3. phantom good video
    why do they always have 60 mins, but the best you can get is a 15 min clip
    do they have other stories? or we just getting a highlighted version
    same happened when magnus carlsen was on 60 mins
    all we got was a 15 min clip ? advertising i guess ?

  4. It is a one hour program that airs every Sunday night

    There would be two to four segments each program

    I would imagine that each segment would be put on youtube separately ( not sure if all make it to youtube )

    For decades, this has been an important show.

    Dr Fauci grew up maybe 2 miles from me, in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. You can hear the Brooklyn accent every time he speaks. We are proud of him.

  5. I would go with the most trusted figure in America. But ultimately the POTUS, of whatever party, is the most important person, b/c he makes the decisions.

    Trump is lucky to have Dr. Fauci and is smart to have kept him in his position. Has anyone noticed that our Covid death number has slowed way down?

  6. Good comment.

    Let me change the headline.

    The US death total by day has been low for some time.

    But death is not the only concern here. There can be lasting, very tough effects on a person who does not die.

  7. charles, hi good morning
    here’s the charts on cases and mortality


    a fair interpretation is that the 2 graphs cases vs deaths are following the same pattern
    spikes in cases are followed by spikes in deaths ( 3-6 weeks later )
    that’s what the science has been predicting all the way through since the beginning and its accurate. USA has been back on the upswing for several weeks now, and I’m afraid looks likely to see those deaths going back up to 1k a day

    If you were tapering off at 500 death per day and falling, no matter what the upswing in cases was , then there would definitely be grounds for optimism , Yes

    its on a website called usafacts
    which I know will put a few of our readers off, but i fancy you have the stomach to view the word “facts” and not break into nausea, sweat and vomiting other other GAD symptoms 😉

  8. The docs have learned as this situation has progressed.

    But even with the improved treatments, hospitals in parts of the country including Kansas City are concerned about being overwhelmed even now.

    And the situation could get a lot worse, especially in areas with Mask Shirkers.

  9. I would add since the new numbers are filtered through the Whitehouse instead of through neutral federal sources the numbers have to be at least questioned

  10. ahh great charles, no GAD symptoms after viewing a fact-based website . Delighted mo chara 😉
    True EP, filters and massaging numbers there has been ! ( sad )

  11. Another example of Science vs Trump, or rather Science vs All Over The Place.

    Like on the global warming issue, these loons should at least work out a story and stick to it. Instead we have: the virus is like the flu, the virus is a very serious pandemic; masks are useless, masks are a great idea, the President is fine on day 1, the president was seriously ill on day 1, but look how strong and brave he is that he managed to get through it so quickly, without learning anything.

  12. masks are useless, masks are a great idea,

    you do know both those are Fauci quotes. Just like the kooks that believe in MMGW they base things in faulty models and have been all over the place.

    Yes it’s the plague and your all going to die….. funny though how a 74yr old overweight man a week after having it is doing 2 to 3 Rallies a day.

    I’ll tell ya that covid is horrible, we should wear masks and never leave home….. lol

  13. regards the site

    We partner with academic institutions and experts like the Penn Wharton Budget Model’s (PWBM) and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) to help keep our data accurate and unbiased.

    I guess that’s # fake news according to Pat . Right ?

  14. That’s spot on Noel. It’s the inconsistency, the mixed messages, the u turns the recklessness and the downright lies every five minutes which create the chaos. When Trump goes no doubt we’ll see just how incompetent, over his head, unprepared & chancing it he really was.

    Funny though how a 74yr old overweight man a week after having it is doing 2 to 3 Rallies a day.

    True, almost as if he didn’t have it, in fact.

  15. Patrick

    Just like the kooks that believe in MMGW they base things in faulty models and have been all over the place.

    Does Patrick ever make a claim that’s true?

    Climate change doubters have a favorite target: climate models. They claim that computer simulations conducted decades ago didn’t accurately predict current warming, so the public should be wary of the predictive power of newer models. Now, the most sweeping evaluation of these older models—some half a century old—shows most of them were indeed accurate.




  16. I do not believe that Fauci ever said that masks are useless

    He said something different, and he said it before they learned That Covid could be spread by those who didn’t have symptoms – Which is something that he addressed explicitly on 60 Minutes last night

    Did Anthony Fauci Say People No Longer Need to Wear Masks?


    Your president has made some more unhinged comments about Dr. Fauci today. That won’t help him one bit. He’s taking a dive, like Roberto Duran.

  17. Who am I listening to? – Above all, to the tiny voice of common sense in my head, which may be right or may be flawed, but which says unequivocally that shutting down the economies of the world for this, for THIS…UTTER NOTHING, is beyond insane, it is pure unmitigated evil.

  18. Do you think that not wearing masks, and thereby intentionally exposing others to the virus if you have it ( and you won’t know if you do have it ) is a very great evil?

  19. I think that if I have any virus then I expose others to it almost to the same level whether I wear one or not. I will wear one, primarily so as not to cause alarm or fright to the frightened people who imagine that it protects them, as I don’t want to cause unnecessary distress to those of a nervous disposition, but that is all.

  20. I expose others to it almost to the same level whether I wear one or not.

    That’s not what the evidence shows.

    Including the incredibly massive evidence that Asia has controlled this way better than the US or Europe and they wear the masks without whining and many Americans and Euros have been whining and simpering and arguing and litigating every chance they get

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