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The Irish government is to move the country to the highest level of coronavirus restrictions, broadly similar to the spring lockdown.

Cabinet ministers have agreed to place the country under level five restrictions from midnight on Wednesday in a bid to combat the rise in cases.


Andrew Neil, usually a reliable source for statistics, says that the ROI’s average daily death toll from Covid has been 1 since mid-June. I didn’t miss out any zeros. That’s one. We are governed by closed minded lunatics.

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  1. It’s literally just been announced that beginning Thurs at 21.00 the Government of Navarra has stated that:

    There will be no travel in or out of Navarra. In Pamplona all bars, restaurants etc are to shut. No house visiting, all shops etc to close at 9. Public transport reduced to 50% capacity, all sports activities are suspended

    For fifteen days.

  2. No part of the US has had those types of travel restrictions this year.

    And if your restaurants aren’t even open for take away, that is also AFAIK more restrictive than anything seen here.

  3. Lunatics yes, but not lunatics as in ‘incompetents’ – I think they know what they’re trying to achieve. I’m currently toying with the unproveable hypothesis that Covid19 was deliberately engineered in a lab. It seems to me that the powers that be are acting as if they expected, at the start, to be able to get away with these continuing restrictions under the cover of the virus. It’s as if they expected it to be far more severe for far longer, but drat, the pesky virus has unexpectedly weakened but it’s too late to backtrack now the plan’s been rolled out. Whatever, we’re certainly at the stage now where governments might as well go the whole hog and ask us to believe the old Owellian cliche that 2+2=5, and 90% of the poplulace, to their delight, would just say “Ok, that works for me”.

  4. get away with these continuing restrictions under the cover of the virus

    Why would any government want to do that

  5. As an excuse to “reset” and “rebuild better”, Phantom. They’re advertising it quite openly now. Basically we didn’t listen hard enough to Greta’s handlers when she snarled “How dare you!” so they’re forcing their changes on us.

  6. Phantom,

    Why would any government want to do that

    Are you trying to have a sensible, logical discussion with a conspiracy theorist?

  7. No Government wants to do it. They have all been ORDERED to by Bill Gates and the you-know-who’s 🙂

  8. Yes. Bill gates wants to make sure we all get a fake vaccine for some unknown reason.
    As well as destroying the world economy because of Greta and global warming or some such.

  9. use the time to go within yourself and sort out your issues
    or better still cancel your subscription to a life time of issues 😉

    to everyone and myself ..

  10. Dave

    A huge number of those here are conspiracy theorists, even those who swear that they’re not ( Hi Pat )

  11. Phantom.

    Oh I totally agree Phantom. The surprising thing is, our host Mr David Vance is a bit of a conspiracy theorist as well. Have a listen to some of his YouTube videos.

  12. I would, but…these are very busy days for me, and those videos are all one hour long.

    I think that he’d do better if they were 20 minutes long max. You can say a great deal in 15 or 20 minutes.

  13. If I’m working from home, I usually listen to them while I’m doing my carpentry.
    His co-host Rebecca Butler, sometimes criticises/disagrees with David and keeps him in line.
    He does have a hell of a lot of conspiracy theorists on his YouTube live stream though.

  14. “ the ROI’s average daily death toll from Covid has been 1 since mid-June.”

    You’re pretty confused. Past deaths are the results of low cases in the past, while future deaths will be the result of the high numbers of cases coming.

    The idea is to stop deaths before they happen not afterwards.

  15. I think that Allan put some bad code in a “ Great Interview “ comment

    When I log onto that it shakes up and down

  16. The Irish have not controlled the virus because many of them don’t care, and are completely undisciplined.


    Half of the people identified as close contacts of Covid-19 cases are not turning up for a second test, it has emerged.

    The alarming trend comes as the country heads into a six-week lockdown, with October turning into a bleak month for fatalities

    You don’t see much of this in Asia

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