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Earlier this week was a sad Anniversary

October 20 1977

The band’s chartered plane runs out of fuel due to a faulty engine and crashes in Mississippi. Singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, and backup singer Cassie Gaines are killed, along with three crew members. Lynyrd Skynyrd would disband after the accident, with the remaining members reuniting a decade later.

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7 thoughts on “Music

  1. I gave up trying to play “Simple Man” thirty years ago. Reading music is too mathematical for me. Then one day someone invented YouTube and someone else showed me how it’s done.

    Hint: A good video beats a hundred books if you want to learn an instrument or a song.

    Simple Man is a stunning song. Steve Gaines composed and picked the intro so well it’s untrue. It’s one of my great achievements that I can actually not butcher it now.

  2. I just found out the pub tonight, that James Randi has sadly died.
    He was a truly brilliant man, who throughout his long and illustrious career, exposed many frauds, such as Peter Popoff, and Uri Geller.
    The world is a slightly darker place without him.
    Rest in peace James. You were a truly brilliant man.

  3. “The Amazing Randi “ was a frequent guest on local radio and TV Shows.

    Sweet, brilliant man, respected by Penn Jillette and others

    Back in the day, the Johnny Carson show was a huge national late night show in the States. Thanks to some tips from Randi, Uri Geller was debunked in front of the whole country on that show


  4. The first time I met him, we were backstage and he was doing a lecture at a college. And he had done this thing where the dean had written something that Randi couldn’t possibly know, and folded it up and put it in an envelope. And [the dean] was to carry it in his suit coat pocket until the show that night and not allow Randi to touch it. And Randi had to, of course, accomplish the trick, [which was to switch it with a different envelope so Randi could get the other one and get the information].

    So we had to take the envelope from him and tell him to write his name on it. And I was backstage with Randi and he was talking to the dean, [who] had the envelope in his pocket, and Randi had the duplicate envelope in his hand.

    And out of the blue he just said to me, “Did you know that Harry Houdini had dyslexia?” And I said, “No, I didn’t know that at all.” And he said, “Yes, he used to switch letters.” And on the word “switch,” he did the switch. He did the sneaky move that he couldn’t get caught doing. He did it on the word for the move he was doing.

    Now you can talk about Randi’s morality and Randi’s philosophy, but also to someone who was 18 years old, that was just who I wanted to be, a guy who was that gutsy and strong and full of life. He would say the word “switch” on a switch, just to show off for a young guy

    Penn Jillette

    That’s how good he was

  5. Phantom, I’ve never actually seen that tissue trick video before, thanks so much for posting that.
    The nearest thing we ever came to a real Gandaf, was James Randi.

    Here is the first part of exposing the fraud, Uri Geller:

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