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Because Friday night is Music Night

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism, another week without the plant-killing asteroid of doom looming onto view. My hopes are always dashed. I thought about that asteroid as my choice of End Times music played on the wireless today. It’s a classical piece. The strings were lovely as I drove along in the Autumn sunshine. This is it, I thought, so I looked up at the blue sky in hope … nope, nothing there. Maybe next week.

By the time I get home I’m in a Rock n Roll mood anyway. So that’s what we’re having, from just about the tightest band around at the time. The time being 1978, the place is the Rainbow Theatre in London and Lizzy have Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham on lead guitars. That was my favourite line up. Bob Seger was never a name here and for years I only knew of him as the bloke who wrote a song that Thin Lizzy smashed. The original turned out to be alright too.

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. As always, feel to share your top sounds down below, whether for fun or that special something for the End Times –

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  1. They were so bloody great. Rock roll you say?

    Get your lugholes around this:

    Jake Burn’s from Stiff Little Fingers is an old friend of mine and yer man above is what made Jake want to pick up a guitar.

  2. I’ll get my lugholes around Rory anytime. Funny, he was one of two players who made me want to pick up a guitar. He was also one of those players so stellar that you knew, even if you practicsed for years and became quite good, you would never be within a million miles of him. He was otherworldly.

    See his bass player in the video? That’s Gerry McAvoy. I went out with his ex-wife for some time. We ended up meeting a few times because his band were local and we’d have a few beers. He’s a really good bloke and has tons of great stories.

  3. That’s Gerry McAvoy

    Good Belfast man.

    He was otherworldly.

    Yes, he really was. Really something special.

  4. He is a good Belfast man and his ex-missus did me up like a kipper. I knew her for a long time and while she knew I was a Rory Gallagher nut I only knew she’d been married to a musician.

    One day she asked if I fancied seeing his band at the Royal Standard in Walthamstow. A great pub and a great venue. So off we go and I clock Gerry McAvoy on stage. I ask which one in the band her ex is. She says the bass player and starts laughing because she knew I’d know who he is.

    Anyway, we had beers after the gig, he’s a really good bloke, and we had beers at other times, and it always blew my mind that I was with a long time bandmate of Rory Gallagher. You don’t get better than that.

    So I’m lining Rory Gallagher up for the night.

  5. So I’m lining Rory Gallagher up for the night.

    I can think of much, much worse things

    Are you familiar with Declan Synott Pete? Another absolute magician on the guitar:

    Anyway, taking the pace down a bit, the band who were the soundtrack of my childhood. Songs of the working man, drinking, fighting, immigration, patriotism, sacrifice and love.

  6. I’m working my way through Friday night jukebox on the smart telly with surround sound. So far so good Pete and Paul.

    Here’s one from me and it’s f****** 80s tastic

  7. Superb 80’s nostalgia, Dave.

    I should too, Dave. All the bars here are closed since yesterday and there’s speculation that they’re also going to introduce a curfew. That should really get the theorists going.

  8. While we’re on 80s nostalgia, this hammy over the top brilliance will certainly blow the cobwebs away:

  9. Songs of the working man, drinking, fighting, immigration, patriotism, sacrifice and love.

    Is there anything else worth writing about?

    ‘Twas in the year of ‘thirty-nine

    When the sky was full of lead

    When Hitler was heading for Poland

    And Paddy for Holyhead

    That is actually great writing.

  10. Absolutely brilliant choice Paul, Zodiac Mindwarp. Featuring Mark Manning, who later went on to form the band Love Reaction, with Jimmy culty who later went on to form the KLF with Bill Drummond.

  11. sticking with Thin Lizzy, its a great choice, not sure if we’ve seen it before
    its very welcome ..
    I had a girlfriend Rosie and would often break out into my Ro ro ro rosalie

    boys are back in town was a fav in our gang growing up , but it was bravado mostly
    thinking about my latest love interest then, I think i aligned myself with the cowboy song and that get the nod tonight : no wait its gotta be southbound
    moves me so .. maybe a bit sorrowful , but there’s something about twisted sorrow that is honest … time to move on – going southbound

    new horizons will appear ..

  12. OK – if it’s 80’s pop, then it has to be a-ha, and this is The Sun Always Shines On TV, except that it’s performed live at The Albert Hall in 2010

    I’ve liked a-ha since 1990 then I realised just how greta their 80’s stuff is

  13. Good post Allen. I am also a big A-ha fan.

    …I realised just how greta their 80’s stuff is

    Greta? Is that a Freudian in slip?

  14. Dave – definitely a slip, though unlikely Freudian. And whilst down the rabbit-hole, I came across Tears For Fears performing one of their best, Pale Shelter, from 2017 live in Rio.

    It’s good to see the best 80’s bands still showing their quality

  15. Excellent choice Allan, Tears for Fears, are another one of my favorites.

    Here’s another forgotten 80s gem. The hair was so great back then.

  16. Dave, spectacular choice. Mark King really was the ‘king’ of slap funk bass.

    However, as we’re doing the 80s and hair I’ll see your Level 42 and raise you this:

  17. Paul.

    Hands down mate, you win!

    By a strange coincidence, this track and the Hall and Oates track I first posted, where my two favourite in game radio tracks when playing Grand Theft Auto, Vice City.

    Absolutely excellent track.
    Anyway, my hangover is kicking in and I haven’t even gone to bed yet, so I better call it a night.

  18. This is Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto number 3 movement 3. If you are halfway into maths you will hear all those equations working out just as they should. To my mind this is a JSB high point, maybe the highest:

  19. peter I don’t think wild coyote republicans are a match for “Bugs Bunny Biden” – before or after the election 😉

  20. If you don’t think that this is a bloody great song IMO you’re not well or you’ve no taste:

  21. Peter, what a beautiful piece of music and a good quality recording as well. Thanks.

    When it comes to Bach, this is one of my favorites. I like to sip a nice glass of chianti while I listen to it.

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