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It’s time, Captain

Sean Connery has died aged 90 and the past recedes a little further. A stylish and handsome man, he was never the best actor but he was always the best man for his role. The best Bond, no question. He defined 007. My favourite film with him is The Man Who Would Be King, in which he co-starred with Michael Caine. Watch it. You’re in for a treat.

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14 thoughts on “RIP SEAN CONNERY

  1. He was a great Bond but second best. My favourite was Pierce Brosnan.

    Daniel Craig is third.

  2. The best Bond, no question.

    I have to disagree with you there. Daniel Craig is the best by far.

    My favourite film with him is The Man Who Would Be King,

    I knew you’d love this film Pete it’s so, ‘British’. I agree it is a great film.
    I also thought he was good in ‘Indiana Jones and the last crusade’, and ‘The Untouchables’.

    I had a problem with some of the things Sean Connery did and said.
    But I did enjoy many of his films, and he was brilliant in some of his roles.
    Rest in peace Sean.

  3. Yes, he was the only real Bond – sexist, dashing, and a gentleman who could be brutal while remaining a gentleman.

    On a broader theme, it’s curious how a man many people (especially foreigners) consider the quintessential Englishman was from somewhere else. There are many other examples. You could say that Sherlock Holmes and Flashman are also stereotypical Englishmen, and both were created by Scots.

    It’s almost as if only an outsider can identify and perfect the image.

    In a way, it’s related to the transferred nationalism that George Orwell wrote about, and that gave the world Napoleon and Wellington, Hitler and Stalin, and many others.

  4. I had a problem with some of the things Sean Connery did and said.

    It’s a case of separating the art from the artist, Dave. James Woods is a perfect example.

  5. I totally agree with you Paul.

    I think Bono from U2 is a complete dick head, but I like their music.

  6. He’s a complete cock. For me they’re a mediocre rock band with some listenable tunes who rely too much on guitar effects.

  7. I would completely agree

    I attended a U2 concert for free as part of a work gig,.

    I overpaid.

    Three hours I will never get back

  8. Shhhtop. He was a great actor.

    Who else could play a Russian with a Scottish accent.

    I kid, loved him as an actor. Loved him in Highlander, where strangely, he played a Spaniard.

  9. Resht In Peash…… perfect

    Definitely the best Bond, and so many other really good roles. I just rewatched this week The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. His role in the Untouchables carried the film, but one of my favorites…. Robin & Marion.

  10. Even before his acting ability was apparent, the 6-foot-2 Mr. Connery had a remarkable physical presence, onscreen and off. Lana Turner picked him to play the war correspondent with whom she tumbles into bed in the forgettable 1958 melodrama “Another Time, Another Place.” He earned his chance as Bond when the producers Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman watched him walk.

    “We signed him without a screen test,” Mr. Saltzman said


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