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‘Twas a night just like tonight…


In the late 18th century, a wealthy landowner built an estate in County Antrim in what is now Northern Ireland. To make a scenic but imposing entryway, he had 150 beech trees planted on either side of the road (90 trees survive). The trees grew to form the Dark Hedges—an arboreal tunnel leading up to the property. In the right conditions—say a gloomy autumn night with the moonlight casting shadows through the tree canopy—this road can be a little spooky.

If that isn’t enough to tingle your spine, many travelers who’ve made their passage down the Dark Hedges have reported seeing the Grey Lady—a spectral woman who crosses the path, only to vanish into the trees. And according to local lore, on Halloween the Grey Lady is joined in her wanderings by the occupants of the nearby graveyard. We love a good ghost story on Halloween, but do you mind if we turn on the lights?

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