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6 thoughts on “Smile….

  1. They never accepted 2016. They spent four years trying to delegitimise and overthrow the duly elected president, all the while calling half the country racist, fascist, sexist, xenophobic, thick and uneducated.

    And now they want unity? How amusing. James Woods put it so well –


    And just like that the rioting and looting has ceased overnight. And now the half of the country that pummeled America like a battered wife is telling her to put on sunglasses, hide her black eye, be a good girl, and “come together as one.” Her answer? “Go fuck yourself.”

  2. The rioting and looting had stopped for some time.

    Except for Portland, most likely, where trendy rioting is a lifestyle choice.

  3. Even at is height the rioting and looting would have involved less than 0.1% of the population not half the nation !

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