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By Pete Moore On November 22nd, 2020

The UK’s four nations have backed plans to allow some household mixing “for a small number of days” over Christmas […]

The Cabinet Office said ministers from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had endorsed a “shared objective of facilitating some limited additional household bubbling for a small number of days”.

I hope they don’y expect gratitude for the magnificence of thyeir gesture to allow us to see our loved ones at Christmas. The freedom to travel, to associate freely, to trade, these are our birthrights. They are not prizes to be earned from the state for good behaviour. Politicians know that their horrible lockdowns will be deeply unpopular over Christmas. Therefore to lift restrictions on our lives would be a PR act, as if our lives are their plaything on which to sprinkle indulgences.

At the beginning of this year we were free to do any activity not specifically outlawed. The speed at which our most fundamental freedoms have been abolished on a whim by a capricious government is breathtaking.


35 Responses to “GEE, THANKS”

  1. Not on a whim, but to deal with a global pandemic.

    One thing that does make me laugh though is hearing people expressing relief that the govt might allow several households to mix over Christmas as if this is a “get out of Covid” pass for a few days. If you were uncomfortable having parents/relatives/friends over for fear of contracting or passing the virus to an older loved one, what makes you think just because he govt. relax the rules for a few days over Christmas it will suddenly be safe to do so ?

  2. It’s on a whim. The latest idea is that three days of mixing over Christmas can be offset by extra days of lockdown. It’s bollocks, anti-scientific, nonsensical bollocks.

  3. Pete

    I agree the Christmas plans are anti-scientific bollocks. The govt should actually have the courage to tell people not to mix households this Christmas. The virus wont take a break and its ludicrous to claim household mixing is risky on the 23rd Dec but somehow magically becomes OK on 24th Dec !

  4. The NI state isn’t a ‘nation’

  5. It’s not bollocks (well the way this government is doing things, it may well be) – not in principle anyway.

    Forget the virus for a moment, we all understand that if we are going to have a big Christmas the bill comes in January. Or you have to have a quiet November. If you push the boat out in December then you’re probably not buying a new car in January. We can all say “screw it, it’s Christmas” and buy the big presents etc but we can’t spend the same money twice.

    It’s the same principle with this, it’s all about budgets – transmission budgets in the case of Covid. If you open this, you can’t open that too. If you open up for Christmas, or anything, then if you have a limited scope for transmission as we do, then something else has to give.

    To take an extreme example, and to leave the government out of it – if a group planning to meet for Christmas all self-isolated for a couple of weeks beforehand, the risk of them meeting only each other would seem vanishingly small. So clearly it is possible to make a Christmas gathering safe by people voluntarily locking down, and your issue cannot be that it wouldn’t work, but only with it not being voluntary. A similar argument applies if they did it after meeting, too. Then they wouldn’t put anyone else at risk.

  6. Pete Moore. (from another thread)

    I’ve never had the slightest interest in them, even when I was young. I find something odd about adults playing computer games.

    If you actually believe that, why is that then Pete? Genuinely curious.

  7. Frank

    But that isn’t what is going to happen. People aren’t going to self isolate for 2 weeks to enable a safe mixed household Christmas Day lunch. Nobody is going to do that. People are talking about the relaxation of distancing rules for Christmas as if it is the same as relaxing a diet or exercise regime for a day, something that can be done with little lasting affect. If mixing in households is considered a major risk factor in spreading the virus is doesn’t magically cease to be so over Christmas. Once you have infected someone it isn’t a temporary thing and it then becomes an exponential factor in continuing growth of the virus. A barrier to transmission has to remain in effect until the risk is minimised, it can’t be paused because a particular cultural feast day is among us.

  8. Colm,

    “People aren’t going to self isolate for 2 weeks to enable a safe mixed household Christmas Day lunch. Nobody is going to do that.”

    Yes but that wasn’t my point. It was just an extreme example prove the point that something that is otherwise dangerous/unaffordable can be made safe/affordable by forsaking something else.

    What will (or at least could) actually happen is different but only in degree, not in kind. We could relax the rules at one time by tightening them another time, in exactly the same way that you can knock the posh wine out and stuff your self over Christmas by reining it in / going on a diet in January. You can also take extra risks for a few days over Christmas at the expensive of being more careful before or after. The net effect on the overall transmission could be the same, though it will of course involve different people.

    Whether that will actually turn out to be the case is another matter of course.

  9. “A barrier to transmission has to remain in effect until the risk is minimised, it can’t be paused because a particular cultural feast day is among us.”

    Except the barrier to transmission isn’t going to be maintained.

    On one level Pete is correct. This is largely for show, but not necessarily just to garner popularity (though that is one aspsect of it – BORIS SAVES CHRISTMAS type headlines). There is a general acceptance that for a large amount of the population, even those in the population who have been following the regulations and guidance, that they are going to stop doing so at Christmas. I know plenty of people who have been very serious about following the guidance and regulations but who are planning a family Christmas. In addition to not wanting to be the grinch there will be a feer amongst public health officials that maintaining these restrictions during the Christmas period, and having huge parts of the population ignore them, will undermine any attempts to have restrictions in January or February etc… if they are needed. For the restrictions to be successful they need the support of the public. Maintaining them and having people ignore them (likely without consequence – you can fine one person you can’t fine 30 million?) will undermine that support. It would be better, from a public health point of view, to relax things at Christmas and reintroduce in January if needed.

  10. Seamus and Frank

    I understand all the points you are making and of course I do understand the imperative behind a relaxation at Christmas. What is bemusing me really is the sort of sense that people are waiting to be told how many people they can have for Christmas Dinner as if they think if the govt. allows it it must be safe. If Mr and Mrs Smith have been careful enough not to have their elderly parents around for dinner recently because they are concerned about the virus, why would they suddenly think “Oh its Ok though for you to come around on Christmas Day” just because the govt. says so.

    Yes I know people will make their own decisions and thake their own risks around Christmas gatherings regardless of the official rules and I can understand the govt altering the rules to accommodate that reality but its the people who base their household mixing plans around the ‘Green Light’ signal form govt that baffle me.

  11. Dave Alton –

    If you replied on the other thread I didn’t see it. I just have it in mind that computer games are for children, that’s all. Space Invaders was for youngsters when I was growing up, as was an Atari. That’s always how it’s been in my mind. Ok, a father playing with his son is different, but just adults, alone or in groups, playing a computer game is just odd to me.

    It blew my socks off when I learned how big the industry is and that some people make a lot of money doing it.

  12. People are dying all around us and have been dying all around us since March so in order not to have even more people dying all around us at Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ shall be cancelled – Satanists rejoice.


    “We’ve been holding clandestine services since this lockdown began,” the pastor told the Observer, speaking on condition of anonymity. “It feels weird for us to act this way. People have said it feels more like an underground church in China.”

    “I never thought I’d say this in Britain, but churches are going underground. These are not isolated cases – and the longer it goes on, more churches will join the movement,” said Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, a conservative evangelical group, and a member of the Church of England’s ruling body, the General Synod.

    If it weren’t for the media and ‘authorities’, nobody would notice anything out-of-place simply because there is no deadly pandemic. Nonetheless, there is a huge effort being made to destroy the lives of ordinary people, and many of them are fine with that. The government’s plans to ruin happiness roll onwards……


    Ministers from all the UK nations met yesterday to agree plans for the festive period. According to the Cabinet Office, they haven’t yet reached an agreement, although it tried to spin this as “progress”

    Here’s a plan – just leave us alone and open up the NHS again

  13. //so in order not to have even more people dying all around us at Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ shall be cancelled //

    Allan, yes, especially as the very first Christmas also saw mass dying.

  14. Hanukkah & Diwali were cancelled as well. Satanists must be head over heels.

  15. We all need to take a ‘Bah Humbug’ attitude to Christmas this year. Keep away from your extended family, friends and loved ones and stay inside with your own household, or if you live alone just pamper yourself for the day. That’s the best chance of a ‘Prosperous New Year’ we could all give each other !

  16. There can be mild days here in December

    If we have those mild days, I’ll be in the backyard, or at outdoor restaurants / bars seeing people, masks on, at a distance.

    This I think we can do.

  17. This year actually would have been the perfect fall and Winter to spend in the Woods, it’s the first year that I haven’t Hunted…. Archery opens in october and between Archery and Rifle season and second Archery you could spend almost everyday from the beginning of Oct till the End of January sitting in the Woods enjoying nature.

    Thanksgiving this week will be Monica and I, Christmas will be us plus Mom, no big family dinner in Philly with everyone this year. The city of Philadelphia has made family, friend and business gatherings Private and Public Illegal until Jan 1.

    It would be frowned on to have 8-10 cops Families all crammed into a Brownstone.

  18. Colm, on November 23rd, 2020 at 12:55 PM Said:
    We all need to take a ‘Bah Humbug’ attitude to Christmas this year. Keep away from your extended family, friends and loved ones and stay inside with your own household, or if you live alone just pamper yourself for the day. That’s the best chance of a ‘Prosperous New Year’ we could all give each other !

    I think this is the right approach. We will likely have some opening here, more than the numbers would indicate is wise would be my guess. But at the end of the day, visiting an elderly friend or relative in their home is nothing short of reckless. By next summer, those who need it most will be vaccinated. And most everyone else (bar the crazies) will be soon after that. It’s hardly worth putting loved ones in danger when you can gather in a few months anyway.

    That said, like Phantom I will be happy to do some socialising around Christmas but it will be in outdoor settings like Christmas markets and afternoons walking in the park. It won’t be at all terrible, in fact I’m quite looking forward to it.

  19. I wish that more nursing homes etc had arrangements to accept zoom type video calls.

    Very many aren’t set up for that at all, and as few residents have mobile phones or tablets, they can be as isolated as though they were a continent away.

  20. good idea phantom, its low cost m, have a blooming laptop in the lobby and carers
    just help the residents to log on and enjoy the call.

    idea pat:
    strap trunk into a orange jump suit and do william tell archer hits with an apple on his head

    you with the dodgy fingers , well that would be fun, maybe you would miss a bit -oops 😉

  21. //. It won’t be at all terrible, in fact I’m quite looking forward to it.//

    Right. People should take this as a great opportunity to readjust; maybe drop out of Christmas altogether for once. Do we really need all that socialising and consuming and all the phoney parties and gifts, most of which are just bad memories by the time New Year comes.

    And then all those unbearable songs, year after year. Despite all the tragedy, the Corona virus definitely has a silver lining.

  22. The songs really are unbearable, Especially in America where some of the idiots in stores start playing them before Thanksgiving, tormenting the staff

  23. good year to be a turkey 😉

  24. Paul

    Hanukkah & Diwali were cancelled as well. Satanists must be head over heels.

    To be fair, the satanist to have to cancel Lupercalia and Hexennacht because of Covid. And child sacrifices are on hold at the moment, due to the high number of children carrying the virus.

  25. “The freedom to travel, to associate freely, to trade, these are our birthrights.”

    Only if one takes the life-saving vaccine which protects against this year’s deadly killer virus. The CEO of the Australian airline Qantas has claimed that people who wish to board Qantas planes will be required to prove that they’ve received a vaccine:


    – Qantas boss Alan Joyce has warned future international travel will require compulsory vaccinations.

    The Qantas CEO told A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw once a vaccine becomes available, they will be changing terms and conditions for travel. –

    This was completely unforseeable

    It’s the freedom of the airline to do this, because it is a private company. If you don’t like it, you can build your own airplane, goy.

    Understand that this is the model. The government will not be the one forcing you to take the vaccine – it will be all of these corporations (which have no interlinks at all)

    All of these lunatic restrictions are being centrally coordinated by globalist bodies, which are instructing government, media and corporations what to do. Australia is the testing ground. Other airlines across the “free world” are going to start announcing the same thing within the next few months.

    Then, it will start expanding to other businesses. Eventually, you won’t be able to get an Uber or enter a supermarket without showing proof of the vaccine.

    You may remember that there was some confusion about people’s rights when it came to free speech. It turned out that private corporations, which together have oligarchical control of the entire internet, are allowed to work together in unison to silence individuals.

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, reddit and others can all ban you at the same time. Then, if you’re put into the same category as the Daily Stormer and 8chan, website registrars can steal your domain, other registrars can refuse to register your domain, Cloudflare and other CDNs can collude to refuse you service and together they prevent you from hosting a website.

    You see, all those companies are private companies, so they’re allowed to collude to silence political dissidents. That’s their freedom, and their freedom trumps your freedom. If you don’t like it, you can create your own internet.

    We’re going to see a similar thing with the coronavirus vaccine. The government can’t force you to take it, but private companies will be allowed to collude to deny you services in order to coerce you to take it. The vaccine isn’t compulsory: you’ll just be denied all services, welfare, even bank account until you get your DNA altered

  26. True enough Dave. That Covid is a complete inconsiderate bastard.

    And then all those unbearable songs, year after year.

    The songs really are unbearable

    Wash your mouths out, you heathens:


  27. Dam right Paul!
    We’ll be enjoying christmas, even if the miserable old fogies of ATW don’t.

  28. It’ll be lonely this Christmas….😩🎄

  29. Yes, Paul, a great song (I presume it’s THAT song, what else?), but it would be much better if it weren’t played so often; these Christmas songs are just too predictable, too much a ritual.

  30. In financial terms a Christmas hit is a cash cow for the band in terms of royalties, Noel.

    Along with the above this is the only real Christmas song I’ll entertain:


    And while this beautiful acapella delight isn’t a Christmas song it was marketed as one:


  31. I agree with Noel, I am fed up with hearing that song now, and I haven’t actually even heard it on the radio/tv yet this year 😉

  32. Paul, please, it isn’t even December yet!

    All this Xmas airtime has ruined FToNY and various other songs for me.
    Apart from the endless radio playings, it must be the most linked to song on ATW, about twice every year since I’ve been coming here.

    Why does someone not record a song about Easter, or Whitsuntide, or All Saint’s Day or something.

    This year I’m going to keep away from anything reminding me of xxxxxx. It’ll be surfing and summer holiday music for all all thru December.


  33. Jesus Noel, it’s two Christmas songs and a great acapella marvel. Hardly being overwhelmed with Christmasmania.

    After all, it wasa you who introduced Christmas songs into the conversation.

  34. “Paul, please, it isn’t even December yet!”

    Pfft…I seriously considered putting the decorations up in March

  35. Pfft…I seriously considered putting the decorations up in March

    Put it down to lockdown lunacy, Frank.