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31 thoughts on “Norway

  1. I don’t agree with these laws bit I’d still like to see more factual detail on this law than the description on the clearly politically biased site that this Tweet links too.

  2. Yeah Colm troll refuses to put up threads of mine with little original wording . But reserves the right to post stuff with zero comment or even an argument on his own .
    What do you call that ?

  3. Kurt.
    Colm is massively biased when it comes to the subject of Patrick.
    There is very little point trying to reason with him on this.

  4. I can find very little detail on the content of this.

    If true it seems like a bad law. How do they prove hate speech made in private remarks in a private situation?

  5. No Dave, I am just realistic. This isn’t my blog and it isn’t yours or kurts. It is David’s and he chooses who it is managed by. There are currently three people with posting rights apart from David himself.I don’t tell Pete, Patrick or Phantom what posts to put up or what topics they must promote. This isn’t about me being biased as you suggest, it’s just recognising the difference between being a commenter and an editor.

  6. Posts like this are for your conversation. They have no effect on me, but if I find a topic that I think will start a conversation or spark an interest for others on the site I’ll drop it in.

  7. Simply put it isn’t a new law. It is expanding a current, existing law to include trans people. There was a law passed in 1981 which protects gays and lesbians. That law has now been expanded to include trans people (and bisexual people) as well.

    As with the 1981 law (which has not resulted in criminalisation of speech) the bar is quite high, requiring direct incitement against people or language that dehumanises the victim. As far as I can find there has not been substantial prosecution of people under the 1981 law and it is nothing but hysterical nonsense to suggest that there will now be substantial prosecution of people under this one.

  8. Colm.

    My post wasn’t specifically directed at your actions in this thread, but more in general pointing out your demonstrable bias. I was basically saying to cut that there’s little point in arguing against Patrick with yourself.

  9. you are really colm
    whenever anyone presses for a thread e.g covid ( we’ve not had once for 4 weeks )
    you’ll get your nose out and stick it in pat arse and defend the choice of subjects and writers on this blog .. as will phantom stick his head up his arse and make a stupid comment about get your own blog ..
    couple of brown-nosers to a boot .. cheers ..

  10. Colm.

    Don’t take my word for it mate, listen to someone you trust.

    This is you making yet another excuse for a nasty outburst from Patrick.

    Because Troll is Troll and that’s how he writes. He is an honest and passionate contributor and David recognises that. While David has every right to manage his site as he sees fit .ATW does not have to be sanitized, the occasional genuinely felt outburst like Troll’s above is necessary to keep it from becoming dull.


    I can go back and find many more examples. And I can also find examples where you have repeatedly criticised me for something much milder, usually accusing me of being ‘drunk’, as you so often did.
    When it comes down to it Colm, you have standards which you apply to others behaviour on ATW. Unfortunately, they’re massive f****** double standards,

  11. Kurt

    Are you blind ? Not had a COVID thread for 4 weeks ?

    I count at least four COVID related posts in the last two weeks. They just aren’t expressing the views you demand. If you want to express a particular view you can do so on any thread, you don’t need someone to put up the specific post you demand. Stop telling other people what to post.

  12. My God Dave you had to trawl back to 2008 to find a comment of mine to back up your argument. Ridiculous. I don’t actually mind how anyone comments. I accept that everyone is different and they comment in their own way. You are right in that I have no problem with how Patrick behaves here because I don’t expect him or anyone else to comment in any other manner than their own personality. If you want to view that as me sucking up to him, so be it.

  13. Colm.

    A predictable and really quite pathetic response Colm.
    The age of the comment has no bearing on its validity. I chose that particular comment because it perfectly illustrates the point I’m making. The point that yet again, despite the evidence, you’ve just chosen to ignore.
    Your half right in your statement that you don’t expect Patrick or anybody else to comment in a manner other than their own personality. That might apply to Patrick, but it certainly doesn’t apply to other commenters on here. As despite your claim otherwise, you are only too quick to criticize others for comments of which you don’t approve. The recent spat with Patrick is evidence of this.

  14. No colm they’re stupid threads on covid, that’s my point
    not serious threads, but carry on brown-nosing its what you do

  15. So far this Saturday the president has rage tweeted about:
    -Gov. Kemp
    -The Supreme Court
    -Gov. Ducey
    -AG Barr
    -The Bidens

    He also said he agrees with a radio host’s suggestion to “declassify everything.”

    He has said nothing yet about the raging pandemic.

    Nor have his enablers on this site and the brown-nose brigade

  16. kurt

    President Trump has issued a Statement about the licencing of the Pfizer vaccine today, urging its speedy roll out across the US. He is doing a wonderful job 🙂

  17. You guys are never happy……. please keep your abuse directed at me and not your fellow commenters….

    Thank You

  18. Its OK Patrick my love, I can take it. Its very kind and sweet of you to come to my rescue 🙂

    There you go kurt and Dave, Brown nose Colm doing what he does best 🙂

  19. you never post anything which might in some small way embarrass trump pvt
    so actually you’re the king of the brown-nosers
    the others com and phantom are just lil brown-nosers
    but y’all make a purdy collective of sad losers 😉

  20. There you go kurt and Dave, Brown nose Colm doing what he does best 🙂

    If that’s the point you think I was making Colm. Then I’ve wasted my time.
    My point was simply that you hold Patrick to a very different set of standards, then you hold many of the other people who posted on ATW to.
    And this isn’t any sort of personal attack, I actually like you Colm.

  21. Dave

    Then you don’t get my point. I don’t hold anyone here to different standards. I don’t think or act like that here. I would never ask for anyone to be removed or tell people what they should be allowed to say. Criticising someones comments is not holding them to any standards, its just expressing an opinion. I strongly criticised Patrick’s ban on Seimi as much as anyone else here but just because I don’t exactly match the way other people react to Patrick’s ways of commenting here doesn’t make me a ‘cheerleader’ for him. I don’t accept your perception of how I am with Patrick v others here but I know you, kurt , Noel and maybe others think differently. WE all have different attitudes and tolerances to other regulars here and to me that’s fine, we are not the same and it would be bloody boring if we were. I don’t think either of us is going to change each other’s minds on this but its healthy to hear criticism and I am not beyond reproach !

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