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By Pete Moore On January 12th, 2021

If you’re going to be shameless don’t be a bit shameless. From tonight, when you look up “shameless” in a dictionary, you will see only the Twitter logo.

6 Responses to “YOU HAVE TO ADMIRE IT”

  1. @GovUganda

    The President warns that if the social media channels like @Facebook and @Twitter are not being friendly and equitable to some of the Ugandans, then there is no reason as to why we should have them operate here.

    The GOP had total cpontrol of Congress and the WHite after 2016. Because all they do is whine they end up doing less than the government of Uganda to ensure its followers can speak.

  2. Ahead of the Ugandan election
    think man think , action in usa was taken AFTER us election for maga- terrorist reasons
    you really got give this up you two – its embarrassing

  3. Make Uganda Great Again

    Bring back Idi Amin Dada

  4. The billionaire oligarchs who control Twitter, Facebook and Amazon have the power to censor any views they dislike and of course they are accountable to no-one. The leftists who are cheering now should stop and think about that.

    Banning Trump was a nakedly political decision, presumably in the hope that it would curry favour with the new administration. But all it has succeeded in doing is expose a massive problem for our societies and accelerate the day when the oligarchs will be subject to proper regulation. Shit, they might even have to pay tax.

  5. “The billionaire oligarchs who control Twitter, Facebook and Amazon have the power to censor any views they dislike”

    Obviously not.

    They haven’t even censored the US President (here he is, speaking on the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55638017)

  6. “Twitter didn’t stop last night with Trump’s personal account. The company deleted tweets sent out from the official government @POTUS account which appeared to be from the president. It also suspended several more accounts, including one belonging to Trump’s aide Gary Coby, when it looked like the president was trying to get his message out from these channels. Twitter is within its right to do this, but the more it deletes and suspends due to disapproval, the more it seems like accounts and tweets that remain untouched have de-facto approval from the platform.

    What to make, then, of a tweet from an official US government account being deleted, but propaganda from Chinese government accounts remaining on the platform? Around the same time as Trump’s suspension, Twitter removed an egregious tweet from the Chinese Embassy in US account which framed the forced sterilisation of Uyghur women in China as a form of female empowerment. This might suggest the company is aware of its new vulnerability to accusations of hypocrisy. But plenty of similar posts have been shared by the Chinese government account – and as of today remain on the platform – which spread disinformation about the detainment and alleged modern-day genocide of the Uyghur people. If Twitter is going to take down content it deems dangerous no matter how powerful the government or person who shared it, it will increasingly be judged with the content it leaves up as well.

    Appetite has grown in the past few years to further regulate and re-classify the Tech Giants. Last night’s actions have undoubtedly accelerated many group’s desire to do so. The debate over whether these sites are platforms or publishers has been going on for years. Facebook has been insistent that it is the former: a global internet forum, not a media company; a website where people share the news, not one where people craft the news. It’s a strong argument, but one that grows weaker the more these companies act like publishers, as they did last night. Removing content that they thought incited violence is one thing, but stopping Trump from sharing anything further on their platforms could be interpreted as deciding an editorial line….”