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Are you now, or have you ever been a Conservative…..

By Patrick Van Roy On January 13th, 2021

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that Congress is “looking into” media literacy initiatives to help “rein in” the press to combat misinformation in the wake of last week’s deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol.

During a lengthy live stream on Instagram on Tuesday night, the leader of the so-called “Squad” discussed the aftermath of the Capitol riot, how she feared for her life during the chaos and what needs to be done going forward.

At one point, Ocasio-Cortez read a question from a viewer who asked if there is discussion in Congress on “truth and reconciliation or media literacy initiatives” to help with healing. 

“I can say, there is absolutely a commission being discussed but it seems to be more investigatory, in style rather than truth and reconciliation, so I think that’s an interesting concept for us to explore, and I do think that several members of Congress, in some of my discussions, have brought up media literacy because that is a part of what happened here and we’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Here is where the idiots at the Capital “Plotted their Attack”

67 Responses to “Are you now, or have you ever been a Conservative…..”

  1. Trump wanted to repeal the first amendment by ” opening up the libel laws ” to what they suffer from in the UK.

    Never heard you complain about that.

  2. calm down we’re trying to root out unrepentant maga terrorists, those that would seek to harm us , just as we would do with Al-Quaidi – remember the oath mentions ” all enemies foreign and domestic” – the last part is the focus of our times .
    man I even know the constitution better than Troll he forgot the second part ” domestic”
    discuss the difference ?

  3. ” I pledge allegiance to Donald Trump, and will follow anything that he says ”

    He faces Trump tower and says this every day.

  4. lol i can believe that 100%
    they love projecting on the “foreign enemies” part of the sacred Oath, iran was a recent post, they get the hard-on for attacking Iran, but mention the 2nd part enemies domestic and their balls just shrink the size of peas, like a freezing swin in a river
    so obvious, so false,

    “They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised. Amen.” Romand 1:25

    we see this play out every dark day, they think they’re isolated, but they just don’t know what’s coming down on them .. I do .. cos I did my research !!!

  5. to if you have some down time, this guy steve hassan I read his bestseller a few years ago
    and am happy to see him on twitter and doing interviews
    here he’s being interviewed by katie couric 12 minutes , and he gets to the heart of the matter – she doesn’t soft ball him either ..
    he’s quite a unique voice, soft spoken and wise ..


    or here youtube the cult of donald trump


  6. What president was rejected by the majority of Americans – TWICE?


    What president was impeached by US lawmakers – TWICE?

  7. 2nd Question:

    What does the “J” in Donald J Trump stand for?


  8. Phantom starts it with the first comment……

    Nothing the new administration does that is negative in anyway will be their responsibility or their fault…. Just as everything that Obama failed at was Bush’s fault EVERYTHING NEGATIVE for the next 4 years will be blamed on Trump…..

    The Bartender is setting up the new House Un-American Activities Committee and it’s Trump’s Fault…..

  9. Noel Trump is no longer President…… you can unknott your panties

  10. Did he resign early?

  11. impeached twice is a disgrace .. will go down in history forever and may never occur again

    it could backfire though because
    religious-right leader Tony Perkins claims impeachment is “a double-edged sword for Democrats” because if there is a Senate trial, Trump will be able to introduce heretofore unseen evidence of voter fraud in his defense.

    LMAO .. !!!!

  12. Media: @Acosta to @jaketapper
    : “A #Trump adviser tells me, ‘In the end, it all came crashing down because #DonaldTrump could never tell the truth. He will be the cautionary tale that parents tell their kids: Don’t end up like #Trump because of your lies.'” #ImpeachmentDay

  13. The Congress that is sitting is the Biden/Harris Congress. The Congress is seated before the President. Everything that they’ve done since the opening Gavel this year is the Biden Presidency……

  14. Trump has been impeached again. But only 10 GOP Congressmen voted in favour so it seems certain that he will escape in the Senate again when the time comes. It would take 17 GOP senators to break ranks and it seems that most of them are still either Full Trumpers or still shit-scared of him.

    “The US House of Representatives has impeached President Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection” at last week’s Capitol riot. Ten Republicans sided with Democrats to impeach the president by 232-197.”


  15. Yes but the Senate tiebreaker they want is Harris, and she has not taken office yet.

    That’s why they may wait for the trial.

  16. The Congress that is sitting is the Biden/Harris Congress. The Congress is seated before the President. Everything that they’ve done since the opening Gavel this year is the Biden Presidency……

    So since that ‘opening gavel’, Trump hasn’t been president? What has all this shit been about for the last couple of weeks then? And why did you say that you wouldn’t recognise Biden as president until he was sworn in on the 20th?

    Who is president until then? Nobody?

    Or have you finally resigned yourself to the fact that your hero lost the election?

  17. That’s why they may wait for the trial.

    Yes, but the Senate will acquit. There is no way that 17 GOP senators are going to vote to impeach.

  18. // But only 10 GOP Congressmen voted in favour so it seems certain that he will escape in the Senate again when the time comes. //

    Several other GOPers said that the President’s actions and words were impeachable, but didn’t vote for the motion as they considered the proceedings too hurried and wanted to hear more debate and evidence.

  19. Ah, I didn’t realize that you needed 2/3 vote in the Senate to convict.

  20. Generally speaking the House is also seen as more partisan than the Senate, which makes sense – Congressmen defend smaller districts which are more likely to be more concentrated Republican or more concentrated Democrat. Senators represent the entire State and so have to appeal to a wider demographic and thus are more likely to be moderate. Not universally true but broadly so. 121 Republican congressmen objected to Arizona’s electoral votes, but only 6 senators. 138 congressmen objected to Pennsylvania’s but only 7 senators. So the full rabid Trumpism is more at play in the House than the Senate.

    I will say I don’t think Trump is going to be convicted. But I wouldn’t use the House as a metric to guage how Senators are going to vote.

  21. I think it only requires a simple majority to bar him from future attempts at public office.

    But I presume that’s a moot point at this stage, as after next week that man is going nowhere except home or to jail.

  22. “I think it only requires a simple majority to bar him from future attempts at public office.”

    Only if he is convicted by the two thirds majority. If he is acquited then the vote on banning him from future public office doesn’t happen.

  23. Several other GOPers said that the President’s actions and words were impeachable, but didn’t vote for the motion as they considered the proceedings too hurried and wanted to hear more debate and evidence.

    And the GOP senators will come up with similar bullshit when the case comes to the Senate. I’ll be amazed if 17 of them break ranks, but in a way that will be better for the Dems because it will mean that the GOP will still be under Trump’s thumb for another four years with a strong possibility that he will run again in 2024. Because he would easily win the nomination again if the primaries were being held in 2021, the base still loves him.

  24. The vote would be a great dishonor to any more normal leader, but this shambles is incapable of shame, so the worst leader in American history will be babbling about deep state, swamp, the media and whatever as he shuffles off to whatever it is that he does next.

  25. Phantom, on January 13th, 2021 at 10:21 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Yes but the Senate tiebreaker they want is Harris, and she has not taken office yet.

    That’s why they may wait for the trial.

    lol…. you can’t Impeach a non-sitting President, Trump is President till the 20th he is officially still the President, but the Only Congress that could Impeach him no longer exists.

    This Congress Constitutionally can not do what they are doing… but the Law no longer matters. All that matters is the persecutions.

    They have no agenda, all they have is hate and a communist manifesto for control.

  26. Patrick Van Roy, on January 13th, 2021 at 9:39 PM Said:
    Noel Trump is no longer President…… you can unknott your panties

    Patrick Van Roy, on January 13th, 2021 at 10:53 PM Said:

    …Trump is President till the 20th he is officially still the President…

    All over the place…

  27. “you can’t Impeach a non-sitting President”

    Nonsense. The President is just one of many officers of the United States – who are subject to impeachment proceedings. There is precedent for impeachment proceedings against former officers of the United States even after they are no longer in office. There is nothing in the constitutional source text that prevents impeachment for offences commited while being an officer of the United States when that officer has left their post.

    Impeachment was created out of English common law, with English impeachment law being the foundation of American impeachment law. Thomas Parker, 1st Earl of Macclesfield, was the Lord Chancellor of George I, but engaged in corruption (he took bribes). He left office but was still impeached despite leaving office (and was subsequently convicted). So using impeachment against former officials had its place in English impeachment law (the foundation of American impeachment law).

    There is also American precedent. Secretary of War William Belknap resigned in a corruption scandal in 1876. However, despite his resignation and the fact that he was no longer an officer of the United States (and was now in fact a private citizen) the House impeached Belknap (unanimously). Now Belknap was acquited by the Senate (a majority voted in favour but not the two thirds majority required) but it still showed that impeachment of a former officer of the United States is still permissible in law.

    Judge Robert Archbald was a judge on the United States Commerce Court, but was impeached and convicted for offences he committed as a district judge on a different Court. If one can only be impeached for offences commited while still holding the office that the offences were commited in then Judge Archbald would not have been able to have been impeached.

    Judge George W. English was impeached by the House in 1925. But before he could be tried by the Senate he resigned. Now the House then decided to drop the case and the Senate accepted that. But in their arguments the Senate insisted, while dropping the case because the House prosecutors no longer wanted to pursue it, that the Senate retained jurisdiction even though the accused was no longer an officer of the United States.

  28. There is no doubt that Trump could still be impeached and barred from office after 20 January. But tribal politics will prevail and there is no way that 17 GOP senators will break ranks.

    Ironically it would be the best thing they could do for their party as well as their country, but it won’t happen and the GOP will remain what it has become since 2016, a Trumpist cult.

  29. Encyclopaedia Seamusicca strikes again 😉

  30. “Encyclopaedia Seamusicca strikes again 😉”

    That would make me an alternative Britannia and I find that deeply offensive.

  31. Seamus

    I actually did think you might frown at the ‘Britannic’ comparison 😉

  32. You know me too well 🙂

  33. Anyway the Dems will be doing the right thing to bring this on in the Senate after inauguration. When the Senate fails to convict a president who fomented an invasion of the Capitol to overturn an election, the total corruption of the GOP will be exposed and not forgotten. If the party of Lincoln subsequently splits, all the better, but there is no doubt that the vast majority will remain loyal to Trump. And if it remains united in Trumpist idolatry, so be it. Either way it loses.

    And let’s not forget that Trump is still to announce his self-pardon. No doubt Cruz and Hawley will be totally cool with that.

  34. It is not without its risks for the Democrats. Joe Biden will have the Presidency from next Wednesday, on that day the Democrats take the Senate as well (the Georgia senate seats are expected to be filled on the 20th January according to reports). They will have the House, the Senate, and the White House. And the first 100 days is their best chance of accompishing anything of note. They have to deal with the COVID-19 situation (both in terms of passing a proper stimulus package, and improving the roll-out of the vaccine programme). It will also slow down all Senate business, including the approval of Biden’s cabinet, and likely delay any planned replacement of Justice Breyer.

  35. I would focus like a laser on cabinet appointments, crushing the virus, covid relief and infrastructure.

    Trump didn’t do anything on infrastructure. He actually effectively cancelled infrastructure deals already in the pipeline, such as the Hudson River rail tunnel ( crucial to the Northeast states and national economy ) just to spite Schumer.

    Trump richly deserves the dishonor of conviction, but I’d put these things ahead of convicting the failed president.

    US infrastructure has decayed for decades – Obama was not good on that either.

  36. No matter what happens with Trump, I can’t see things being fixed in the USA anytime soon. Your society is fractured and split along Republican and Democrat lines. That’s just one of the problems with a two-party system.

  37. They will have the House, the Senate, and the White House. And the first 100 days is their best chance of accompishing anything of note.

    Yes, Biden will not want the impeachment to dominate the start of his term. But this is a cleansing exercise which needs to be done. Not cleansing in the sense of convicting Trump and barring him from future office, because the GOP senators will surely prevent that from happening. But cleansing in the sense of exposing the GOP for the corrupt anti-democratic Trumpist rabble that it has become.

  38. From Patrick: The ten GOP traitors who voted to impeach the messiah. Judases at the last supper:


  39. And here is what the Trumpist GOP has brought to the Capitol:


  40. This QAnon-supporting GOP newbie is about to file articles of impeachment – against Biden:


  41. no more like Seamusheadupassus…… and Seimibuttsniffus….

  42. The Butt Brothers one has his head up his ass where he thinks all the knowledge of the world is and the other just has his head shoved up the others ass because he likes it.

    Trump is President till the 20-th, the Congress however is the 116th Congress. The first Congress of the Biden/Harris Administration….. now there is an overlap of 18 days to allow for a smooth transition of power where the New Congress is Seated befire the New President so he can hit the ground running.

    The 116th Congress can NOT Constitutionally Impeach Trump because he is not their President and the Senate is not even fully seated till the VP takes the Oath because The office of the vice president of the United States is a unique one. It’s the only office in the federal government that straddles two of the three branches of government, the legislative and the executive. Since the vice president serves as an official of the executive branch but also as the president of the Senate, So the 116th Congress is NOT even fully Seated and able to Constitutionally create any Bills or Binding Legislation because their Branch of Government can not do anything other than transitional obligations until the VP is sworn in.

    You people have no Clue how my Country’s Government works, you look things up and get partial information and act like you know everything when in reality you’ve only learned enough to make yourself look like a fool.

    I live here, I studied the Constitution and did my Graduation Thesis on it. I’ve run for office and won, several times, I’ve helped run other people’s Congressional Campaigns and Campaigns for Judge. I’ve been a Judge of Elections, a Poll Watcher, a Vote counter, a Committeeman, and a Ward Boss……

    Yet according to a couple of foreigners I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    You gentleman can disagree with my views, but you can’t match my knowledge or experience.

    Those are just the facts.

  43. Now I am pissed if you can’t tell because Seamus and I were arguing over a turn of a Phrase, and I was trying to get Seamus to catch the difference between a turn of a Phrase that was accurate and an actual Statute of Law.

    But before I could get there Seimi decided he didn’t like the way I was talking to Seamus so he jumped in and attacked… not my point, but me.

    Seimi this shit has to stop and Seamus you are just as guilty as Seimi.

    If you Seamus wanted to call me an idiot or a fool an ass whatever that would have been fine because I was being abusive to you. Seimi may be your pet dog, but all he is to me is a nuisance. I don’t mind a nuisance, I put up with Kurt, there is no greater nuisance on the site.

    Try arguing the issue gentleman…. except Seimi you can’t. You’re just not bright enough sunny boy. Seamus you have the mind and the wit, but you allow yourself to be lowered to bottom feeder level right next to Seimi at the drop of the hat.

    Personally you can both thank Colm that you are both still here. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t be.

    Now this is not permission to go to every thread and say what an ass I am, keep it to here when you lose your minds.

    Now while you two decide on what direction your meltdown is going to go keep in mind I’m tired of you. I’m tired of petty bullshit.

    You may be having a Party because Biden is President, but I’m watching the begining of Political Persecutions in my Country…. They are cancelling peoples right to speak, right to do business, even their right to travel based on a Persons political views.

    If this keeps going in the direction it’s heading it could very well lead to a Real Civil War. At the very least it is going to lead to violence.

    I find this a very serious situation. This site is MY PLATFORM to voice MY VIEWS, Now you can argue with my views all you want, but this tag team bullshit of attacking the commenter and not the substance is bullshit that I will not put up with.

    Seamus you were arguing facts and I was insulting you to goad you past a phrase to see the meaning of the word not the Legal term, but we never got there because Seimi can’t control himself and disrupted our conversation.

    I am not calling for violence in my country, I oppose it as a tool of politics. The alternative to violence is speech. The verbal expression of ones points of view, and if they are complaining to get the issues that need redress heard.

    If you think you are going to stop me from doing so, or just disrupt every discussion by arguing about me instead of the topic you are sadly mistaken.

    I won’t get into this everyday.

    Seimi I know you feel aggrieved and abused because I banned/suspended you and in your view it was wrong. I do understand, but enough. If you have something to say about any of my views feel free, if during those discussions about AN ISSUE please feel free to insult me. I have no problem with that.

    But if you can’t insult while staying on topic, if you can’t add anything to the discussion except bile, then just shut up.

    Seamus and I were arguing a point. He was making a good argument… until you decided to change it from topical to personal. You have to learn to argue the issues not just spit bile at me because I hurt your feelings and you can’t get past it.

  44. Phantom, on January 14th, 2021 at 12:16 AM Said: Edit Comment
    I would focus like a laser on cabinet appointments, crushing the virus, covid relief and infrastructure.

    Biden just appointed a Woman to run the civil rights division who believes the more Melanin you have the Stronger, Smarter, more Spiritual you are.

    She believes the most important qualification for any job is what shade of brown you are even to the point that an Airline Pilot the number one factor of importance in filling the position is “diversity” not whether or not they are the best Pilot or Surgeon, Skin Color is more important than ability…. MLK is rolling over in his grave.

    That’s the type of people Biden is putting in his cabinet.

  45. Biden Personnel Chief Served At Chinese Intel Org Flagged By FBI For Recruiting Western Spies.

    Thomas Zimmerman, who will serve as a Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel under Joe Biden, formerly served as a visiting scholar at what the FBI has called a “front group for Chinese intelligence collection and overseas spy recruitment,” The National Pulse can reveal.

    These are the type of people Biden is surrounding himself with.

  46. Seamus/Seimi

    Well fuck it….. I’m not going to ban anyone, I’m not gonna suspend anyone, I will never change the perception any of you have of me, nor I you.

    In my view the 3 of us are assholes, each for different reasons, but none the less we’re each an ass in our own way.

    I’m tired, so do as you wish, say what you’ll say, you’ll get no more from me on the individual level.

  47. You’ve just spent the evening having a conversation with yourself. And that is what you are doing with this site – turning it into a place where only you exist.
    As a ‘manager’ you are shockingly bad: you can’t be impartial or Óbjective. You are far too thin-skinned NOT to take everything personally – there is an argument to be made that, as ‘manager’, you shouldn’t even be posting or commenting yourself, but that’s for another day.
    You are dishonest. In your comments, in your behaviour. You lie and then you double down on those lies, then lie about the FACT that you lied.
    I don’t need Colm or anyone else to protect me, Troll. If Colm has emailed you, that’s fine, but he didn’t need to. I would like you to pass my email on to Colm today please.

    Colm – if you contacted Troll regarding me, can you email me what you sent him please? I think I have a right to know, and sure, aren’t we all about rights here?

    Anyway. You are destroying this site, Troll. Look around you. Who all is missing. And why? Because of you. Yes, it was their choice, but they made that choice directly because of you, your dishonesty and your poor ‘management.’

    “I’m tired.” I’m not surprised. This must be tiring, trying to remember everything you’ve said.

    Now, please pass my email on. While you’re at it, please pass it to Seamus as well.

  48. turnip being turnip

    EPs Link

  49. EP

    The fable of the scorpion and the frog springs to mind.

    Surely, a sharp lawyer like Rudy knew there was a strong chance that this would happen? Surely he has a contingency plan? Maybe he’ll blackmail Trump and get him impeached for a second ti – oh, wait…

  50. Seimi

    I said I wouldn’t comment any more on the continued rancorous situation between you, Seamus and Patrick and I won’t but just to clarify on the e mail situation. I didn’t contact Patrick about you. After a discussion on one of the threads where I was being accused of loyally defending Patrick , he e mailed me and in the brief e mail discussion we had I just said I didn’t want anyone banned or suspended, that’s all. I didn’t ‘intervene’ on any individual’s behalf or to ‘protect’ any individual. I commented generally on my feelings about the situation that’s all.

  51. wake up call
    Twitter and Facebook aren’t banning people because you’re a conservative. They’re banning them because they suck. They’re banning people because they say evil shit !

  52. RudyGiuliani is just now learning one of the oldest trump scams.
    You do the work, THEN he decides whether you DESERVE to be graced with his payment.
    He hath been judged unworthy.

  53. They’re banning them because they suck.

    Well if that’s the criteria 90% of all twitter accounts should be binned 🙂

  54. What this thread shows is that if you don’t engage in an argument with Patrick, he’ll just have an argument with himself.

  55. //’Isolated And Angry’ Trump Refuses To Pay Rudy Giuliani For Legal Work
    The president is very unhappy with his personal attorney, The Washington Post reported.//

    LOL! Oh dear, what are we going to do for entertainment when poor old Donald is gone. Nothing will be the same.

    This whole presidency reads like a modern novel, you know the ones where there’s no clear line or plot. It even ends in a cat​a​clasm of anger, convolutions and farce – Just beautiful, like the last scene in Hamlet where almost nobody is left standing.

    Biden is then Prince Fortinbras, a relatively unknown character, aggrieved in the past, who turns up in the middle of the mess to take over and start sweeping up the bodies.

    As we see, the Yanks aren’t just good at drama in movies. This is life imitating art again.

  56. So why is Troll saying that we should thank you?

    Personally you can both thank Colm that you are both still here. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t be.

    Your ‘general comments’ seemed to have plenty of sway with him, as without them, myself and Seamus would be banned.

    Look, I know that you don’t want to be caught up in this shit. Nobody would. I know I certainly don’t. But I cannot just sit quietly and allow Troll to continue lying. That’s just not the way I am. I’ve stood up to bigger and more effective bullies than him, and I cannot stand small, pathetic men like him, who derive their bitter pleasure from a tiny bit of power on an obscure site.
    His response is just, “If you don’t like it, then leave.”
    I’ll tell you – I think that is the only option left, if you value your dignity and integrity. This site has been utterly destroyed, by one person. It used to be a place where there could be a wide range of subjects discussed, where you could jump from a post about Unionism to a post about US politics to a post about the Irish language to a post about a train journey between two US cities. We would discuss Bavarian architecture, the music of the Kinks and scenes from Fawlty Towers, alongside Russian military movements in the East and Australian immigration laws!
    Now what do we do? Covid and TRUMP TRUMP fucking TRUMP. And not even sensible conversations about either. Covid is a hoax and masks don’t work, and Trump was cheated out of an election! The site is a conspiracy theory wingnut haven! And if you dare to question this obvious and poor bullshit, you are first of all subjected to comment after comment, about how his integrity is Troll’s currency, or some horseshit like that, and how he has never lied on these pages, and then finally you are threatened with being banned, because this is HIS site and HIS platform and we will all abide by HIS rules. Fuck that for a game of soldiers. I was lied about, repeatedly. I was banned, for no reason. But because I complain about that, I am the one who is told to move on? A situation which was never resolved, but I’m the one who is ‘boring’ because I bring it up with the person who did the banning and who lied over and over again? Fucking hell.
    By the way, when was the last time any of you saw a comment from Paul here?
    It’s an absolute disgrace, and only one person is to blame for it – Troll. He has overseen the destruction of a site which at one time had real potential; a site with many more regular commentators than it has today.
    Troll has told us himself that he has no respect – none whatsoever – for the current group of commentators. If/when we all go – who cares? Not him. The site will just get new commentators. Where he plans to pull these from. he isn’t saying, but he seems pretty sure that he’ll do it. One thing is clear though – you, me, everyone else here at present – we’re not part of that plan.
    If this was still an honest site – and it used to be! – there would be a post put up today, where people could air their views on this. People could voice concerns and give suggestions. But that won’t happen, because the last shred of honesty went out the door when David Vance stopped managing the site and handed the reins to Troll.

    I’m not laying all this at your door, Colm. I have always enjoyed our conversations and, in all of this shit that has happened, I don’t think I have ever once accused you of loyally defending Troll. I’ve seen others do it, but I haven’t.
    But surely you can see the absolute chaos and destruction caused by Troll on ATW? Surely you can see the lies he tells, repeats and then lies about? I won’t ask you to answer that here, but just think about it, eh?
    I would still really love to meet up with people here in Liverpool. I have details for Noel and Dave, but I would still like Troll to pass on my details to yourself and Seamus, and anyone else who wants them. If/when you receive them, drop me a quick line.

    Take care, everyone. Don’t believe the lies.

  57. // We would discuss Bavarian architecture, the music of the Kinks and scenes from Fawlty Towers, alongside Russian military movements in the East and Australian immigration laws!
    Now what do we do? Covid and TRUMP TRUMP fucking TRUMP. And not even sensible conversations about either. Covid is a hoax and masks don’t work, and Trump was cheated out of an election! The site is a conspiracy theory wingnut haven!//

    Yes, that’s the main problem in a nutshell. The behaviour of certain commenters, including some who should know better, makes it worse, but what you identified above is the main cause of the decline.

    //After a discussion on one of the threads where I was being accused of loyally defending Patrick ,//

    Wow, Colm, you really put that nicely there. Almost Trumpian in the way you put a gloss on it.

    *sigh” So now we have Colmgate. I propose that the Colm mails and his server be immediately subpoenaed.

  58. that was cool Noel
    Maybe even Milton – Paradise Lost , where the proud satan trump is banished to the nether regions to a the place of darkness , wherein their is no ecstasy . Loyal minions sacked.
    All honour gone, no more the sound of trumpets and fanfare, but disgrace and forlorn hopes dashed where palsy shakes a few last grey hairs and renders him like a spectre ..lol
    actually he is like a villain in a bond movie 😉 maybe they do one in the future
    The last Trump card ! (played)

  59. Seimi

    I will reply here out of courtesy because you have posted such an impassioned reply. Everything you say about how this site used to be and the varied discussion jumping from topic to topic is what keeps me here hoping it can get back to that. Even then while having those comprehensive different debates, the site has always been peppered with Patrick’s angry ‘this is me’ blow ups. They are part of ATW too. That’s how Patrick is and he will not change. I can only smile and be relaxed by those episodes but I know I can’t expect others to be the same. The situation has clearly got worse and I have given up trying to resolve it in a way that allows everyone here to continue as they wish. For myself all I can say is that I will stay here, I will miss anyone who leaves. It isn’t easy to recreate long standing regulars and that’s sad. There is nothing more that I can say. I don’t want to say ‘take care’ Seimi because I dont like the implication that you are leaving. I would love to be continuing to engage regularly with you, Seamus and everyone else here, but if that can’t be then yes of course I wish you well and If you are deciding to leave ATW or take a break for a while , I can only express my personal view that you come back. I always want those who have left to return.

  60. On a more lighthearted note as Seimi mentioned the great range of things we used to discuss, probably my favourite example of it was a thread which started off being a music choice discussion and ended up in a genuine serious debate about the rules and regulations surrounded Allan baking a Black Forest Gateaux for Israeli troops and what ingredients he would be allowed to bring into the country when doing so . Bizzare, random but a great discussion 🙂

  61. hi colm
    the trouble is as seimi points out and Noel, there is very little to interact with
    the threads are going further and further into conspiracy domain , which is so removed from truth, even a simple back and forth is both pointless and impossible as paul used to do most of the time. ATW has become loony tunes .. can no longer be thought of a serious site, but a joke .. Much as i like a play and a laugh, there are other places to go to get that stimulation from . Seimi is right the site has been destroyed from within , its now just a haven for maga terrorist posts and sympathies –
    look outside the window once in a while , the world, USA is moving on . You get the distinct impression this place is not equipt to move on . Nor does it want to .
    Pretty hopeless prognosis my friend .. most here now come out of boredom or habit not for anything like debate , as there is none and can’t be due to the crazy material presented
    we’re all better than this ..

  62. as a journey on one level its been fascinating to get to know you all
    and politically there is a huge irony here
    this site began as a place where almost every day there was a thread about unrepentant republican terrorists, and now 20 years on, the owner, the manager and the defacto secretary petem fill the space with justifications for unrepentant republican ( maga ) terrorists.

    You couldn’t make it up .
    Truth and the long arm of the law has a sense of humour after all !
    ATW is cooked, truly past its sell-by-date . No-one has the courage to pull the plug !

  63. Good, kurt!! Where now are the eagles and the Trumpets?

    Or the Trumpies? – They hand in hand with wandering steps and slow finally depart from Eden.

  64. here we go again, bye kurt. No doubt we will be saying goodbye many more times 🙂

  65. don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out……

    anyone want to start a pool on how long he’ll be gone?

  66. So much for Troll never throws the first punch. That is clearly a lie. Troll was losing an argument and like most (if not all) of the time that Troll is losing an argument he stops arguing and switches to abuse. He threatened to ban Seimi, myself and often randomly Dave for disrupting multiple threads yet here he is attacking multiple people on a thread despite the fact that the original conversation took place on a different thread. Exhibit #1091225 in how big of a hypocrite Troll is. Most likely it is so that people reading his alcohol or drug induced comments above couldn’t put them into context.

    For those who haven’t read the original thread here it is:


    Troll was trying to defend the murder of a defenceless woman (because he’s big and brave like that) and made a piss poor job of doing so. And when that was pointed out to him, such as his lack of knowledge of even basic legal terms, he became abusive (like he normally does).

    Because that is what he has. He has no facts. He has no evidence. He has no rational opinions. All he has are (sometimes racist) conspiracy theories, lies and abuse.

  67. That is true Seamus. I have to be honest. Patrick did lose his rag without any provocation over the whole daft ‘Preponderence of evidence’ discussion. But he does that every now and again and has done for years. He is not going to become a different person. There is no point in trying to ‘deal’ with that.

    However people leave for many different reasons and a little star dims in our ATW universe each time they do. I want kurt to stay here. I want Seimi to stay here. I want everyone to stay here but I can’t always have what I want. I can’t hold regulars hostage. Life goes on for everyone (well until you die). But it saddens me. That’s all.